Review and Setlist of the Chicago Show

Ecstatic Youth said:
l/s- 40

i'm positive the prices are correct there for the hoodie and worker, not so sure about the s/s and l/s...but i'm close i know that.
that was also at a canadian gig, so it may be dif in the US
Thanks man!!

What did the hoodies look like?
Aww I was hoping since Nevermore was the 3rd band up they would play more than 6 songs. I was hoping that would make up for Bodom (myfav band) having such a short set.

I am glad they are playing Seven Tongues of God that is my altime favorite Nevermore songs. Id really like to see Believe in Nothing live as well.

And I could care less about Dimmu, just as long as they play In Death's Embrace and Mourning Palace im fine.

But looking forward to seeing Bodom and Nevermore kick some ass. :headbang:
dreamingneonblack said:
Thanks man!!

What did the hoodies look like?

The short sleeve was actually $35 (went to the same show as Ecstatic Youth). All the s/s, l/s, and hoodies looked the same; on the front has the Nevermore logo with a mask filled with worms on the mouth. The l/s and hoodie have the words "Enemies Of Reality" written on the right sleeve. The back has this weird sun looking thing and it says "Enemies of Reality" on it too. The worker shirt was just a button up shirt with the Nevermore logo on the front. The hoodie rocks! :kickass: