Slayer Vs. Slayer

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SHOW NO MERCY...... They went downhill from there!

Show No Mercy is one of my favorite cds ever. Reign in Blood and Seasons in the Abyss are cool, but they don't really have the catchiness SNM had. Although I havn't heard the rest of the new stuff, I like GHUA, but then again, what do I know, I enjoy Slipknot.
I do agree that the older Slayer albums are better. But I don't really understand why everybody hates Diabolus so much. Granted it did have it's shitty songs but alot of them were heavy and fast in old slayer fashion. GHUA was a huge dissapointment I
cannot fathom what made them think songs like Warzone and Payback were a good idea but yikes.
iv never been into slayer that much, iv heard some cool songs they did a while ago... but god hates us all was probably the funniest thing iv listend to all year....

1 word, Threshold

that pritty much sums up the album and why slayer should break up.

i think mr lombardo would be wasting his time working with them again....

hes much better in testament anyway, or many other bands.

I dont give a shit who lombardo works with all i know he belongs with slayer and kerry king needs to fucking chill and get along with him and im sure it would come full circle and the next album will be like buying show no mercy again "QUOTE ME ON THAT ONE"
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Keep it up're so incredibly respectful...your mama must have raised you right:) [/B

Yep. She raised me to speak my mind.

Honestly, if I could only choose 1..... it would be, Live... UnDead.

In my lowly opinion, that was the best slayer album of ALL TIME! It captures them @ their best. They were still hungery back then. (although, partying out with Motley Screw would make anybody hungery)!

Besides the guy who yells metal during one of the fade outs, has always been my hero. I wish I knew that guy!?

I have all of Slayer's albums, and while I crave the days of the old, Hell Awaits, Reign in Blood, Live Undead, etc... I am still glad they're doing what they're doing.

If I need to hear some of that older Slayer, I'll put that CD in.

I'm a fan of EVERYTHING they've done... well, some stuff I could do without, but I still like it.

They CAN do wrong, but at least they're keeping it heavy.