Sleeping music!

Till Fjalls

May 21, 2001
* Toronto *
My best albums are:

Tonight I test my dreams to the sound of Old Man's Child-Born of The Flickering...

"demons from the kingdom of hell!!!" Good dreams tonight for sure! :lol:
Arcana - The Dark Age of Reasoning
Morgion - Solinari
Evoken - Quietus
Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse
Nightwish - (anything)
ICU Generation Trance 2000 (hehehe, good old trance techno)
Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse

Yeah i can sleep to any opeth, except this album lol. The bit at the beginning of "when" where it goes from clean acoustic guitars to distort really scares the shit out of me lol/
Dolorian - When All The Laughter Has Gone (doom band). Especially the last track, 'With Scorn/Perish', that's utterly mesmerising.

Mayhem - DMDS. And no I'm really not kidding! I find really aggressive music relaxing (and I tend to find doom works me up. I know, I'm strange :loco: ). Just focusing on the blast beats, I find that almost hypnotic, especially the last track. If I'm really tired and/or stressed I'll put it on, it helps alot.
Autumn Tears - Love Poems For the Dying (I, II, III)
Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse (Yep, me as well)

once i fell asleep while listening to Diary of Dreams......woke up suddenly and quite scared.....Of course i don't know if this had really sth to do with diary's music

Anyway,nowadays I rarely listen to sth while i'm trying to sleep....
Favourites would be Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, The Necks, Dead Can Dance, Rachel's, Ravi Shankar...
Savatage-Handful of RAin
Nightwish- Wishmaster
NIghtingale-CLosing Chronicles
Dan Swano- Moontower
Opeth- all, except MAYH
EMperor- In the NIghtside Eclipse
At this moment:

° ...and Oceans - "A.M.G.O.D"
° Deinonychus - "Deinonychus"
° Tristania - "World of Glass"
° Six Feet Under - "True Carnage"
° Saviour Machine - "Legend Part III"
Amorphis -- Tales From the Thousand Lakes
My Dying Bride -- The Angel and the Dark River
Katatonia -- Brave Murder Day
Dream Theater -- Images and Words
Opeth -- Still Life
Dark Tranquillity -- The Gallery, The Mind's I

Hell I can fall asleep to almost anything...