So... anyone willing to help the newbie here to get into UM Boards "life"???


Sep 25, 2002
Novo Hamburgo, Brasil
Who are the major peeps around here?
Any cool histories?
What about the many foruns? Wich one is more similar to Iron Maiden´s BB Chat Forum (the one in wich you talk what u want)

Are the mods here too harsh?
Will I be banned for making so many questions on my 2nd post?? :)

Any brazilians here?

Any cute girls interested in knowing me better?? :) (i am single after a 3 yrs relationship!)
To get "in" you have to congratulate me for my B-Day and give me a present :p *patiently waits*

edit: Please don't understand that wrong....Hearse, shut up...
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Yeah, so Hearse, Thanatos and the ever so nice Zeanra are the main people around.
Next to some fucked-up americans and the rest of the sickest hord ever seen