So my profire 2626 just decided to crap out, now what ?


Aug 4, 2009
Ireland - Denmark
So a few days ago I was setting up my PC in my so called "studio", suddenly when I booted the PC it could not find the profire at all (while the whole band was waiting on me :Smug:) so had to delay the recording and borrow a interface.

So now im in the market for a no-bullshit interface.
I was thinking of picking up a RME Fireface 400 and connect some more inputs with adat (think thats how it works, never tried it)

sounds like a good idea or is there some other interface I should try looking into ?
If you really want a no bullshit interface, I'd say a PCI-E card with an external AD converter. But you're talking BUCKS.

Ah that would be nice, but might a bit too expensive heh.
I mentioned the fireface course if im not mistaken that one have reputation of being very stable (both the driver and hardware) with great pres included :).