^ This is my opinion about their first two albums... Everything since MAYH is a different matter though...
Orchid and morningrise are a bunch of random riffs? Far from it. To the casual first-time listener,yeah, maybe, but im sure those who really focus will find that the riffs are not totally unrelated and the songs themselves do not lack the coherence that is the essence of a good peice of music.
I don't really see why a song can't be random riffs stuck together anyway. In fact it would be a lot harder to write a song that sounds like a bunch of riffs stuck together than to write a more flowing piece of music. Opeth are just going for more verse chorus based songs nowaday, even though they still have more parts than an average song.
Gunhaver said:
actually they are pretty random. listen to the two shitty demos and what akerfeldt as said before. they just wrote riffs then put them together at later points

yes i agree with you, the 2 demos are pretty fucked up. But i think the rest of the songs on those two albums are ok. In fact, they beat many of the later songs. For example, i would prefer The Apostle in Triumph or In Mist She was Standing over Beneath the Mire or Atonement any day. But i guess its all a matter of opinion...