Success at Sanity

I love Horrorshow,It's great to hear that there are still bands that sound like the older bands, My only crtisism is that it's strong at either end but gets a little weak in the middle of the album and the Maiden cover (Even thogh quite good) kind of wrecks the continuinty of the album.:D
Horrow Show is a freakin' awesome album. Dragon's Child is probably my favourite track, followed closely by Wolf and Phantom of the Opera Ghost. Great stuff!!

I've listened to Burnt Offerings a couple more times now (hadn't listened to it for a couple of months) and each new time I listen to it, it gets better and better!

Rock on! :headbang:
I fucking love Ghost Of Freedom right now. :headbang:

Jack used to be my favourite, as did Damien once
Id say Dracula is my favourite on the album. Just! I like all the tracks, some more than others, but they are all good if they get me when im in the right mood to hear it!

Ill have to get Burnt Offerings out again, I havent listened to it in AGES.