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Apr 14, 2001
Sydney, Australia
I went into Sanity today, thinking "I'll just check out the hard rock section, maybe I'll find something half-decent."

To my absolute shock, I picked up both Iced Earth's Horror Show and Dream Theater's Awake. Two of my top three on the "to buy" list!!

Sanity, you little beauty!! :)

NP: Dream Theater -- Caught in a Web
Awake is probably my favourite Dream Theater album, but I don't really like Cught In a Web very much.
I personally love
6:00 (In my top 3 DT tracks)
Track 3.
If you're asking me, or care for my opinion Mr Spawn Man - then I'd say Horror Show is pretty good.
Although I much prefer Something Wicked. :hotjump:
Originally posted by spawn
What do you think of horror show?

It's kick ass, as I expected it would be. :)

I've only listened to about three-quarters of the songs so far, and at this stage the first track (forget the name!), Ghost of Freedom and the Transylvania covers are the best songs! I definitely prefer it to Burnt Offerings, which I also have.
9mm: Burnt Offerings is probably the worst besides the first album in my opinion (the singer RUINS the first album). If you havent heard it all the way through, you may have missed the best tracks near the end of the album! (Dracula, Dragons Child, Phantom, Franky)
You will probably find the album gorws on you, thats what happened to me anyway, especially with Dragons Child, Wolf and Jekyl and Hyde. :D

Sydo: Ill talk Iced Earth with anyone, even the neighbourhoods stray cats if they stick around long enough, so your opinions are quite welcome :D
I think SWTWC is better as well, but horror show has had me wondering about that a few times, in the end I cant go past SWTWC, but having said that, topping SWTWC is going to be VERY hard to do. Horror show was a more than worthy album, and is probably my second favourite IE album, for now anyway, I do love the Dark Saga.....and NOTS......and DOP, ok so I love most of em....... :headbang:
Someone here once said Iced Earth are more 'Imitators than Innovators'. (Phloggy?) At first I had no idea what this meant, but I think I understand now.
Iced Earth get described as Maiden on steroids, with a mix of Metallica and even Kiss. All of this is great (just combine all my favourite bands into one!), but where is their own sound? :err:

I've only got 2 Iced Earth albums, Something Wicked and Horror Show, and Something Wicked is great. I love it!

Horror Show is also damn cool, I especially love Jack, Damiem and The Ghost Of Freedom.
Well I DO agree with that to a certain point, but Ill point out a few things because im bored :D (They get called a cross between Judas Priest and metallica as well, which is probably just as valid!)
If Iced Earth werent doing it, people would be complaining that noone around today sounds like Maiden/Metallica/Judas Priest at their best (though maiden are back to their best now, but I think we can all see that Metallica have lost it!).
So while I certainly agree they have some VERY similair qualities to those bands, at the same time, I cant name anyone around today that sounds similair to Iced Earth, so even though they are derivative, I dont mind because noone else is doing it! (Besides, like you said, a mix between your favourite bands ever is hardly bad!)

They are MUCH heavier than Maiden, and they are much more varied than early metallica, but if you stick them both together, you would be close to describing their sound. But as you said, its hardly bad to be compared *favourably* with 2 of the greatest bands of all time :D
I think SWTWC defines them pretty well, I dont really care if any band is derivative, as long as they are good!!!!

Ive actually always wondered about that whole "own sound" thing, why is it necessary?
(Answers on a postcard to the usual address ;) )
A cross between two of my favourite bands is far from a bad thing. Iced Earth do rock, and rock hard. :headbang: You're right that know one else really has their sound, which is cool.


I like Metal! :loco:

I forgot where I was heading with this.
Originally posted by spawn

Something about originality/havingyour own sound wasnt it?

Probably. :lol: But I listened to Horror Show today and I don't agree with what I said yesterday.

I can go and fuck myself. :tickled:
Originally posted by Sydo

Probably. :lol: But I listened to Horror Show today and I don't agree with what I said yesterday.

I can go and fuck myself. :tickled:

Wooh! TESTIFY brother!!!!! :lol: :lol: (About the cd bit I mean, you dont have to go fuck yourself, unless you want to. Ill leave it up you :lol: )

Vote Spawny! :D
I had success at my local sanity store a couple of days ago aswell, I managed to find,The Best of Bruce, Queenryche's Live Evolution and Cradle of Filth's Midian.

All great albums.

I found filth's vocals to be a bit strange but they do set a very good mood, With their Gothic/Vampire image and their morbid and dark sound.

Bruce rocks as usual and it's great to hear him away from Maiden, Doing songs that are more his style.

Queensryche are good, But, This is the first time I've heard them and so far they rock.
Miffy! You havent heard Operation:Mindcrime? I too was like you just one short year ago, but now I have seen the light, you have to track it down and listen to it, it takes a little while to get into (it did for me anyway) but its truly great!
Revolution Calling! :D Love that song :)

Vote Spawny :D
Great buggering bollocks Spawn!!!!! Burnt Offerings is SO GOOD!!!! How can you say it is their worst?!?!?!?!

And yes, Sanity can have some little gems now and then ;D
Besides Dantes and Last December (which are incredible) I dont really get into the rest very much (the song burnt offerings is pretty good too) HEAPS of people say BO is their best and I can never figure out why!
So, if you can, please explain it to me, because I just dont get it! :confused:
Hehe there's half you problem right there Spawn. Last December is a good song, but I would probably say it is one of the most average ones on the album. NOW, listen to the title track and Burning Oasis and Diary more! Especially the former 2! The first 2 minutes of Burnt Offerings has to be one of the best parts of a song I have EVER heard!
Originally posted by Kem
The first 2 minutes of Burnt Offerings has to be one of the best parts of a song I have EVER heard!

I agree there, I love the way it goes from that quiety bit and kicks in. Simply awesome :D

Ill listen to it again tomorrow and see how I go, and how dare you say last december is only average! I decree that you must get out AIA and listen to that version, tis good. :D

Am I the only one that thinks its wierd hearing that stuff about how good the song burnt offerings is from a woman? Go back to your dolls and pop music and stop screwing with my head dammit! :loco: :D :loco: :tickled:

Vote Spawny :D
I got my first ever Iced Earth album (Something Wicked) at Sanity.
By pure coincidence, it was hidden amongst all the Maiden CDs.

My reaction soon went from "Hmmm... Aren't these the guys that everyone on the BB is always going on about?" to "Oh my god, I found it! I found it!"

So I bought it, and the lady behind the cash register thought I was quite mad. Hysterical public displays often give that impression :D .

Must go back there in search of Sinergy. I'll try not to hyperventilate this time...