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Apr 16, 2002
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I was curious to know when was the first time you heard Vintersorg's music?

For me, I saw an interview in Metallian magazine and it attract my attention right away so I went and bought the cd Till Fjalls (which had just been release at that time) Wow wonderful music! Since then, I am hooked on VIntersorg :) :)
That is quite a long story... ;)

I first knew about Otyg and while of course I had heard the name Vintersorg, his name was somehow always connected to ordinary Black Metal for me......which is, to make it short, not really my cup of tea.
But I read good reviews about is work which then made me download a few files...only to forget about them afterwards :rolleyes:
Then Morgana comes into the scene :D She often talked about how great Vintersorg is that I finally began to look for the files I still had somewhere on my harddisc.
And well, within a week I had all records :D (apart from Hedniskhjärtad which a got a couple of days ago)

Thanx Morgana! :headbang:
I don't remember anymore how I heard about Vintersorg exactly, but eventually I downloaded Norrland and Vildmarkens... and liked it right away. That was quite exactly one year ago. Sadly enough I bought my first Vintersorg-CD only like two or three weeks ago. But if everything goes well I'll own them all within one month from now. *g*
I think I was just looking for some random CDs to buy at EMP one day... Viking Metal and such... when I came upon some CD named "Ödemarkes Son". I bought it without listening.

When I got it (after two weeks - so much for EMP's greatness :D ) I was not really impressed at first, mainly by the voice, but that changed alot within a few weeks :) Got them all soon :)
a friend of a friend recommended vintersorg to me... out of nowhere. go buy odemarkens son, you'll love it...
i was enthralled with this album for months, and although i still don't know what the lyrics mean, i know always the man sings of something beautiful.
Originally posted by AnsuzAstral

When I got it (after two weeks - so much for EMP's greatness :D ) I was not really impressed at first, mainly by the voice, but that changed alot within a few weeks :) Got them all soon :)

Yeah, EMP... over 6 weeks and still waiting :)
But the catalog sent by them arrrived few days ago. Maybe the actual order will come soon too :)
I downloaded Cosmic Genesis album 'cause many people said it was great, and it was!
Now I have all vintersorg except Ödemarkens Son.

Originally posted by Qsilver
You can blame Winter Frost and Lutz for forcing me to first download few songs and then I eventually found myself buying some albums too :p :)

I downloaded holy diver by Otyg and liked it better than the original one.then I heard the same guy had another band with his name and had another very good cover so I downloaded rainbow demon.liked it a lot and went to buy cosmic genesis
the funny thing is that my 2 favorite vintersorg songs were written by dio and uriah heep. his arrangements are very cool
I had heard the name a few times on the internet last spring
I heard 30 seconds sample at and was impressed
but when he was confirmed at WOA I downloaded songs from his/their homepage

then I bought first Till fjälls at Metalmarkt
then Ödemarkens son
then Cosmic gernesis
then Hedniskhjärtad
then Borknagar
then the Otyg albums
then Havayoth
Hrm......bout year and a half ago when i first started getting into extreme metal, I went to Fredrik Kreems (plug plug :p ), and saw Vintersorg, sounded interesting and I downloaded Norrland,

i Frekkin loved it even tho i thought the vocals were strange (swedish and very clean). But the way his music is woven together, it hit me. Strangely enough I forgot about the V man for about 6 months till i decided to DL a few CG songs, after I heard The Enigmatic Spirit, I bought CG right away, and within a month had all the albums, sept Hedniskjhartad :cry:
Some guy sent me the "Till Fjälls" song and said "this
guy Vintersorg is a genious." When I heard it I
thought it started off nice but I hated the uhm...
"black" stuff in it. Well, as you can see it grew on me,
cause "Till Fjälls" is now my favourite Vintersorg track!

And yeah, that guy was right, Vintersorg is a genious! >:eek:)
I didn't 'join' until Ödemarkens Son :cry:
Scream Magazine (Norway) wrote lots of good stuff about
Vintersorg all the time, so I just had to check it out.
And goddamn I listened to that album a lot. Then I got the other
ones after that
I have no actual recollection of this, but from what I can reconstruct (from various tidbits), I heard Otyg's Alvefard in Aug '99 at my monthly "metal meeting" (called C-U in Hell! ), and I liked it and bought it a month later. I apparently bought Sagovindars Boning in December, but I didn't like it as much. By then I'm sure I heard of the Vintersorg project, and I bought Odemarken's Son in February, and I loved it. All downhill after that.

bad memory. gah!