The I listen to heavy music thread

The other week I wore my Nasheim t-shirt to work, and this ditzy stupid girl came over to work on my line. She asked "what's your shirt say", I said "Nasheim", she says "what's that?" and I says "A Swedish Black Metal band" and thinks 'Oh bugger, gone dropped myself in it now'. She asks "what's black metal?". I search for an basic idiot's guide that didn't involve the words cold, grim or cult, and settled on "it's basically like RRRROOOOOAAAAARRRR" and thinks 'better explain, not like Slipknot though'. Before I could open my mouth she goes "what, like Slipknot?!"


As it happens, most of my friends will admit to liking heavy music when I'm around...their collections leave a lot to be desired though. Bless 'em.
Wow, all this interest in Cincinnati. I dont understand why, but it is an interesting town.

Over the Rhine does have amazing architecture, I actually had a studio in the middle of over the rhine for a year. I could score pot as soon as I walked out the door. The problem is, besides a few germans like me, its inhabited by ghetto blacks, and Cincinnati being a uniquely racist town- over the rhine is avoided like the plague, and thus declines even further every year.
It might be gay, but at least it isn't flaccid like NAD's new account. :) And in response to the first question, happens to me whenever I mention my affinity for metal, worst offenders being some emo/hardcore kid who grunted "cannibal corpse!" in a pathetic attempt at humor and some old bag who said "Rush is heavy metal, do you like them?"
speed said:
Wow, all this interest in Cincinnati. I dont understand why.
Because Cincinnati is a charming and underrated city. Over-the-Rhine is a great neighborhood with an exceptional urban fabric.

Look at these delightful commercial facades:


vigorous pedestrian activity:


and top-notch housing stock:

I don't really like heavy metal, but I like heavy techno and electronic music because its the only art that my I can understand, being half machine and all.
:loco: Cincinnati is paradise compared to Cleveland. or so I've heard, despite its proximity to kentucky:Spin:

we had a 400 lb+ guy here at work who spend all day IMing with his net honies and staring for hours at their n00ds. finally we fired him and he went down to the Cincy area. Speed, if you run into a guy who calls himself Snugglecat be very afraid.