the meaning of live

Aug 15, 2002
the meaning of live... its a very depressing thing to think about it
did you ever let it get deep in to your live?
did you ever think why are you in this fucking live?
i have few theory...
i think the meaning of live its just a nonsense of the society that try to do manipulation one to the other without no reason
one little think in the live its our dreams, someone here think he can understand what the meaning of my dreams?, i think that just i can do it, but i cant.
did you ever looked in the mirror and you just say to yourself its not me, and did you do something very very good and you say to yourself, Damn, i am good man. did this happen to you?
but you was good to this man, but what about the others that never win to good attitude from you what about your feelings?when you do something good for yourself and the people cant get your behavior, but this is your behavior... and this is your live and you want to live like this...
you suffer for the good and when its good you have to suffer to feel the good again
when you experienced things that make you feel bad or good, if its good you do it again and you see that its not good like the first time and if its bad you dont ty it again so you cant know if its can be good...
last night i was wake up with tear and blood in my nose i was wake up in panic, when the think i think about him is why i am in the live i start to walk in my home without reason every thing was look very different, very scary, its was like all my live runing in one second in my head and all i can think is why i am alive?
i cant appraise my live in the time that people die from terrible disease or from disasters
its not change at all this incident from the night and this is the reason i am looking another opinion of what the meaning of live someone can tell me?
Well, I would like to believe that "Everything happens for a reason"... and sometimes I try to think this. It's hard for me to not believe that "everything just happens".

Some days are great, and some days are just horrible and a lot of them are shades in between... That's just life You've go to try to stay focused and positive, regardless of how you would want things to be. You only have control over a few things in life, and you have to make the best of them.

A lot of factors that we can't control are often the subject of our worries or happiness or depression. It's always best to try to minimalize any effect that this would have on your overall being. A futile effort at best, yet something to strive for... achieving inner happiness is only something that YOU can do.

Well, without rambling on, and adding some kind of religious slant to my comments to try to make sense of the age old question "the meaning of life" (a good Monty Python movie too... hehe ), that's just what I think.
but do you understand you are machine of live?
its so sith
kindergarten, school, army, University, wedding, kids and death.
your live its just seven little words..
and for what?
impossible to talk about the meaning of life in one post, so i'm not going to do it. but just a quick thing...

Originally posted by sexualist death
kindergarten, school, army, University, wedding, kids and death.
your live its just seven little words..
and for what?

kindergarten/school/university = i don't think i regret such things. on the contrary. and i'm thankful i had the opportunity to go to uni.

army = i'm happy i'm a girl. i wouldn't join the army if i were a guy.

wedding/kids = what's wrong with those? the fact that the majority of the people gets married and has children doesn't make it less interesting. you probably see those as conventional steps in one's life, but if you can make your social and loving relationships work, you achieve the best goal in your life, i guess.
so, rather than "little words" those things _are_ life, together with your satisfaction with your job, friends, and so on.

death = oh, well, i don't see it as a problem. i mean, when someone asks me if i liked a movie, i don't think about the credits...
army = i'm happy i'm a girl. i wouldn't join the army if i were a guy.

well, i am a girl too and my profile is 96, i should be in the army, in the territory of israel and the Palestinian, with m16 in my hand blow they heads, this is the experience i can have from the aemy... very fun.
Shit happens, and then you die.
If you live your life by that rule, you'll be happy.

What you say about those seven little words is true, in some way. If you don't like these little words to be controlling your life, don't let them. It isn't necessary to have a wedding, have kids and go to uni. These are all choices you make.
There are only two things for sure in live: Birth and Death.
The first has already happend and the last will happen sometime in the future.
Everything that will happen in between is your own choice.

Like xeno said, there are a lot of factors that we can't control, don't waste your energy on changing those. Change only what you can, and you'll find out that there is almost nothing you can't change.

P.S. It is a wonderfull Monty Python movie
I don't remember where I stole it from, but life is nothing but a bunch of small moments that are connected... Enjoy each moment, cause it will soon be over.
Thet's typical content of life, but not meaning of it... There's no real meaning of life. (well, maybe meaning of life is to breed and reproduce life, but that seems pretty stupid to me.) life can be lot easier when you've realised that there's no meaning of it, and all you have to do is just live and enjoy life
i believe that have to be some explanation to my live... and i just aspire to know the reason.
i was say from the start of this topic "i think the meaning of live its just a nonsense of the society that try to do manipulation one to the other without no reason " i am really think so...
i think every word that written here its part from this unknown meaning, you cant separate this.
i am just hope to find explanation to this live, i think its very interesting even if i dont find a reason
and i am enjoy of my live, i just more curious from people in my age so its look very strange...
Originally posted by Soulburner
Thet's typical content of life, but not meaning of it... There's no real meaning of life. (well, maybe meaning of life is to breed and reproduce life, but that seems pretty stupid to me.)
I think this is basically the meaning of life. I think man has evolved to a state where we can think for ourselves and not just rely on instincts like other animals. When we started to think we also wanted some explanations. That's also why there's all kinds of religion explaining different things. I also think it's kind of pointless being born if you just have to anyway. I've come to realize that I've wasted a lot of my time away. Everytime I eat a pizza and watch an indifferent action movie I get kind of depressed. It's all a waste of time and I get tired of both watching the action movies and eating pizza! Maybe I've been listening too many of Lee Hazlewood's sad song as I've started thinking all this kind of crap all the time. I've started to realize that I'm getting old, even though I'm only 21 and it can get a little depressing. It may also have something to do with my uncle and grandmother both dying within 6 six months and I've come to realize that life isn't eternal. What if I suddenly gets hit by a car and never got to do all the things I wanted? Or what if I die old and still didn't get in life what I wanted?
Also it's depressing thinking about that I have to stop living one day. What will happen with me then? I don't have any religion, but maybe I should get one, as "religion is only for people who are afraid to die" as a guy I know once said! If you read what I wrote in the religion thread you'll probably know that I won't get religious either.
I know I can get irritating sometimes and it's also depressing to know that people think you're a jerk. I will of course do my best to improve, but it's hard 'cause that is how I am. It's also hard to change people's opinion about you if they already have judged you. I'm fucked up many times, so it's probably my own fault, but I can't help myself.
Another thing I find weird is that I got to be exactly me. Why not some starving kid in Africa, Kid Rock, Ronald Reagan or somebody else?
I've commented on this in a similar thread a while back and as I said then maybe I shouldn't think too much about this, as it just gets me depressed and I can feel it coming now. I guess I'll put on some Lee Hazlewood now...:cry:
A man who asks himself what is the meaning of life is confused, and will therefore only receive an answer that is also confused.
It is like a blind man asking "what is light?" You can describe light to him, but he will only understand it according to his blindness(the description is not the described).

The significant question is "Why are you asking yourself this question?" ,

The most important thing is to clear the confusion within you that made you ask this.

Does life have a meaning, a purpose? Is not living in itself its own purpose, its own meaning? Why do we want more? Because we are so dissatisfied with our life, our life is so empty, so tawdry, so monotonous, doing the same thing over and over again, we want something more, something beyond that which we are doing. Since our everyday life is so empty, so dull, so meaningless, so boring, so intolerably stupid, we say life must have a fuller meaning and that is why you ask this question. Surely a man who is living richly, a man who sees things as they are and is content with what he has, is not confused; he is clear, therefore he does not ask what is the purpose of life. For him the very living is the beginning and the end. Our difficulty is that, since our life is empty, we want to find a purpose to life and strive for it. Such a purpose of life can only be mere intellection, without any reality; when the purpose of life is pursued by a stupid, dull mind, by an empty heart, that purpose will also be empty. Therefore our purpose is how to make our life rich, not with money and all the rest of it but inwardly rich.
i think the meaning of life is coming to this board and reading dozens of concerned, deep-thought meanings of life. then going for a stroll, coming back and reading dozens of sassy replies (this one not included) trying to reduce life to a woody allen punchline.