The Number Of The Beast


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Apr 16, 2001
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Hey guys...I know crossy is working on this.. I might start tonight (and maybe make a click track for you crossy) as I have nothing to record right now. =(

My question...I know constantine was originally down for bass on this...but his time is very limited and he has obligations on about 9 other tracks. :D :p

So..Hyde...if you read this...I know you expressed interest...are you down? If so, when can we expect a bass track? I'd like to have that before I start recording (I prefer this to the back-assward way we did I've Got The Fire)...

lemme know. I've finished up everything everybody was waiting on me for..and now I am waiting on everybody else! Woo Hoo!
Rabies: I'm interested. I was practicing on it a lot before I started having problems with my fret hand. I've got the fire was the first thing I played on bass in a while. I was getting pretty close to being able to play notb all the way through before I had the injury. I'll start practicing on it again.
Are there drums recorded yet? I think you mentioned that MM did a track, or was going to?

Drums are done. Have been for some time..I am sure MaidenMan would love to see work done with it.

..and may I just add the drum track is pretty damn good...but I've come to expect that from MM! :D

They should be on Virus' FTP.
Excellent :) :) :)

I have been practicing this one a fair bit. A click track would be very handy Rabs. I may wait for the bass/guitar parts to do mine.

Damn this one is fast!! MM my hands will be dead after this one haha.

oh, finally I setup my computer with some decent speakers and an amp. This should give me a much better idea on how my sound is going. Yay :)

Im looking forward to getting back into this!! :D
I downloaded MM's drum track and I tried to play along with it but I just can't get the timing down for the first part. My bass has got to be dead on or it will ruin the whole thing and I'm not even close. I come in where I think I'm supposed to after six hundred...sixty six...and I play along to MM's pedal hat but as soon as he goes into his main part on the hat I find that I'm way off!
Rabies and Crossy have you tried playing your guitar parts along with MM's drum track? If either of you can stay on time maybe you could do your part first ?
I'm going to keep trying to figure out how to stay on time with it...
Maybe I'm just thinking of the part all wrong in my head...I kinda think of it like 123-1234-123 123 123 123 1- repeat... that probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I would appreciate any suggestions you guys might have for me on this.
Mr Hyde, im hoping Rabs will get a click track done for us so we can get the timing right. Im the same as you except I have to start from the beginning. As I said my hand falls off attempting it. The main part of the song I haven't any troubles, its just the start and end.
I'll start working with MM's drum track alone this week. I'll see what I come up in the way of a reference (or click) track.

..and by the way crossy..hyde is in the same boat as you. Bass and Dave guitar from the start. Its Adrians part that comes in a bit later. :p
Oh boy... I must really want to get the ball rolling on this one...cause I just posted a reference track for you guys to nail the timing thing down..and its horrible.

I had an hour or so tonight, so I loaded up MM's track and tried to record a guitar line over it. I ended up doing both parts....and mixed it up.

It stinks. There are flubs galore..and mixing non-existant. Punch-ins are clearly heard. But with that in mind..I do think it may help you guys record your respective parts against the drums...

I'd like MaidenMan to listen to it. I have two problems with his drum track....and they are on the parts where you guys have been having MM..if you are reading... The first is on the intro..during...the first time you hit the toms for the triplet crash. Its early. by almost a full beat. The rest of that part is good.

..and then the same part at the end...whats going on there? The timing here is way liberal on your part. You have a couple at the end where the tom triplet goes..and you wait entirely too long before hitting the crash note....specifically the ones that occur starting at 4:18, 4:21 and 4:24 on the ref track. It felt unnatural. if you don't mind, can I give it a go at splicing it up a bit and fixing it? I wanted your permission cause it almost sounds like you are doing what you did completely on purpose. I'm cool with that....but I still think the one in the intro comes in too fast. I ended up having to watch the waveform in my recording software to have any clue when you were going to come in! :D

Lemme know..

..and apologies for the godawful playing. Those were both second takes....I didn't have time to make em pretty. ;)

Its up on MMs myplay account. I tried to put it up on Virus' FTP as well..but it kicked me out halfway through.
Thanks MM. I'll get working on it right away.

Crossy/Hyde. I wouldn't bother recording just yet. The changes I make (most importantly at the beggining) will impact the sync on the rest of the track. I'll re-record the ref track when I am done.
Thanks Rabies.
I should say that I wanted to ask MM if he had problems with the timing on it, or altered it, but I couldn't find a way of putting in a message that didn't sound like I was being a jerk, and since I have problems with that timing anyway I wasn't about to make it sound like it was all MM's fault that I couldn't play along!:lol:

So thanks rabies for mentioning that to him in a good way, and thanks MM for being cool about it.

I'll wait for the edited track before I start to work on it.:)
..actually..looking back at my post..I was rather direct and blunt....which could be taken as being a blowhard or jerk..or whatever...but MM is really cool about it all (from previous tuens) I stopped worrying bout hurting his feelings.

He knows he is 'da bomb!' :p :D

Bear in mind I have not practiced this song much..or referenced tabs, or even played along to the CD. I recorded the ref tracks completely from memory. Hence why i really screwed up the run between the solos :p

You might be playing the rhythm right...I may very well change the way I play it before the final recording.
Rabies: Now you have me wondering if I'm playing the bass line to notb right based on what you said in the Caught Somewhere thread. The part that has me concerned is the bass solo part.
I have a pretty good ear and thought that I had something figured out that was close to what I was hearing. I know it isn't note for note accurate, but now I'm wondering if I'm missing a whole lot of notes in there somewhere. It doesn't sound like Steve is playing really fast to me during his solo parts, it sounds fast, but not blazing fast.
I watched all of the videos I have of him live and as luck would have it they only show him briefly, when I listen over headphones, I don't hear anything incredibly crazy.
I looked for some decent bass tab but everything I found didn't seem like it was even in the right positions to be close.

It wouldn't be the first time I thought I had something figured out right only to find out later that I was leaving some important stuff out. You've got me thinking about it!:)