The OSA Christmas Card Exchange!

Hi everyone. :wave:

Great news: to commemorate the beginning of the holiday season…back by popular demand, the OSA Christmas Card Exchange is making a return this year!

For those of you who don’t know what the OSA Christmas Card Exchange is…back in the early days of OSA, when our community was nothing more than a handful of fellow Nightwish fans, we started an exchange of Christmas cards during the holiday season as a way to share the goodwill of the holidays, as well as to further cement our bonds of friendship. Over the years, the card exchange has not been implemented as much; but this year, so many people asked about it that we feel inclined to bring it back to the forefront!

How this works: you will send us your name/address, and then once all of the names are collected, you will receive an e-mail from us of all the names on the card exchange list. Just as you do with all the other people on your Christmas card list, you send cards to the people on the list, and they will send one to you! Because this is a voluntary activity, OSA does not provide anyone with holiday greeting cards or stamps. Everyone participating will provide their own stamps and cards; so please do not volunteer if you only intend to get cards without sending any in return. Because the holiday season is all about giving as well as receiving!

For our Oceansouls outside of North America: the sooner you send in your information to us, the better; as it takes a little longer for mail to send overseas.

If you are interested in getting on the card exchange list, you may send us a message via our Facebook or Tumblr pages, or you may use the Contact OSA tab on our website to send us an e-mail, or you can send me a message here via PM.

Please include the following information: your name (if you have a forum username that fellow OSAers know you by, please include this as well), and also both your snail mail and e-mail address. Once all of the addresses are collected, you will receive an e-mail with all the addresses on the card exchange list. These are all the people who you will be sending cards to, and who you will receive cards from in your mailbox!

There is no criteria as far as what kind of cards to send or what to write in the cards; you may include a personal message inside the card if you wish, or just simply sign your name—the choice is yours. This is a good opportunity for friends here to catch up on each other’s lives over the last year, as well as a great opportunity to make new friends in the community. The only rule is to have fun!

The deadlines to send in your information to us: December 1st for residents outside of North America; December 3rd for North American residents. This leaves everyone with enough time to send in their information, as well as enough time to receive the list of addresses with plenty of time to spare to make sure they get out in the mail well before December 25th! So if you want to take part in the spirit of the holiday, send in your information as soon as possible.

Happy holidays from OSA!
This sounds like an excellent idea...however, I'm a little concerned about the prospect of affording postage for more than "a handful of Nightwish fans." How many do you suspect will enter? Perhaps we can do a randomized Secret Santa type thing where some names get drawn? Anyway, Merry Christmas!
So far we've only had a few people participate. We haven't done this in a long time, and our group has grown pretty big since then.

This idea was originally implemented by Snowy Owl, so I can ask him if maybe we can consider "regional" options, for people who may not be able to afford postage to our friends overseas. However, so far, the only person outside of the U.S. that has volunteered is from Mexico. Besides that person, there's about 4 or 5 other folks on the list so far, all of them located here.

Hmm, maybe what I can do is give people the option to mention that they want to remain "local" and only receive cards from the U.S. I really don't see a whole lot of overseas folks participating, as the cost for them to send cards here is just as expensive for them as it is for us.
Nope, the deadline to send in your address (for U.S. residents) is December 3rd. Everyone else outside the U.S. must send theirs in by December 1st.

For folks in the U.S., please specify if you would like to remain on the "local" mailing list, meaning you will only exchange cards from within the U.S. Please also give your e-mail address so that after the deadline, we can e-mail you the list of other card recipients. Thanks a million! :)
Just a quick reminder to folks outside North America...the deadline for sending in your addresses for the card exchange is tomorrow!

Everyone else, you have until Friday. I extended the deadline date a little since we were still waiting on addresses to come in.

And yes, you can "opt out" of mailing internationally; just type the word "local" next to your name when sending in your info. The list is growing quite nicely! :)
Well due to a dead hard drive I missed the deadline :mad: So instead I'll just give everyone a crappy song I wrote :lol: To the tune of Jingle Bells (more of less :lol: ):

Christmas Flu
by, me

Dashing through the air
on one fell sneeze you ride
I was just standing there
why me why oh why

Oh Christmas Flu, Christmas Flu
god how I hate you!
Now I'm tired and I ache - and I just sneezed the frosting off my cake...

Oh Christmas Flu, Christmas Flu
Well now I'm stuck in bed
and the only company I have is the ice pack on my head

Oh Christmas Flu, Christmas Flu
Where the Hell's my soup!?
I drank three bottles of NyQuil, they're coming for you

Oh Christmas Flu, Christmas Flu
Now I'm feeling worse
This may be the end of me, someone call a hearse!

I hear them singing now
Of course they're way off key...
I can hardly stand the sound
... You know it makes me think...

Oh Christmas Flu, Christmas Flu
You know, you're not so bad
'Cause now that I think of it this is the best Christmas I've had!

Oh Christmas Flu, Christmas Flu
I get to hide in here
And won't have to wear that ugly thing Nana knitted me last year!

Oh Christmas Flu, Christmas Flu
I'm glad that you stopped by!
The only way this could be better is if they save me pie!

yes if they save me piiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!

Just try to unread it. :D I dare you.
:lol: Yeah, I might have to with my luck. Oh, the shirt and CD from the contest came shortly after my hard drive crapped out, they were nice. :lol:
Money has been tight for everyone. Looks like his check is big enough to cover what we need. God, its nice to have the net back LOL.
I'm sorry I didn't do this, the mail is not very good where I live. I still did not get the shirt from osa and I knew it was unlikely I'd get it, I haven't got other stuff that has been sent to me. People receive what I send but I don't get things at my end.
I thought I would do something similar to BaraHime and do some captions instead:
(I didn't have much time to spend on them sorry)
Jukka: right we've got the suits, we've got the hair wax, no one's got any cologne but we're just going to hope for the best with that
Director: you do know we finished filming the women acrobats in leotards yesterday, they're not coming in today
Everyone: *dismal*
Marco: YOU better not be cutting my head off again, like you did in the last photo
Photographer: *camera shake/blurred photo*
Camera guy: .......about how it actually looks on the screen
Clown: look, I know the make up is a bit extreme, but this is my real hair
Girl: Mum this rock band is surrounding me
Tuomas: I'm just not really comfortable without another two keyboards (and maybe a boat)
Anette: You're not comfortable?
Anette: exactly how many eyelashes have you got to stick on individually?
Make up person: 72 per eye
Anette: *sigh*
Guy with the camera: I might run out of battery after a while
Director: okay so you're going to ask Emppu if he wants a drink and when he says yes you're going to pour it into his mouth from the bottle...and action
Emppu: YES!!
Director: not yet
Photographer: pretend there's a giant red explosion going on behind you
Toumas: ....erm....
Photographer: Floor will show you how its done. Pretend there's a giant red explosion behind you.
Floor: *shriek*
Photographer: see? Floor gets it
Photographer: your a genie, you've just emerged from a bottle what do you do? Perfect, beautiful.
Photographer: and now a swan doing it
Photographer: think about it, you wouldn't really smile if there was an explosion going on behind you, would you?
Photographer: everyone pretend they're wearing those Nightwish slippers. Why are you laughing? They're cool.
Photographer: and now something festive, everyone look completely blank while Floor pretends to be a roaring reindeer
Everyone: you what?
Photographer: excellent, I'm getting some great blank looks there
Photographer: now everyone being a roaring reindeer
Marco & Floor: *enthusiastic roaring*
Troy: this photographer is an idiot
Tuomas: I know
Jukka: this is painful
Marco & Floor: what are you talking about? This is great fun
Emppu: I can't take any more, reindeer don't even make that noise
Photographer: what's the matter with Emppu?
Marco: dear Santa, for christmas I would like; cigarettes, viking helmet, those Nightwish slippers..... wait this is totally the wrong piece of paper, damn, where did my speech go?
Stobe: I put Nightwish slippers on my list as well
Marco: hmmm, red shirt and black trousers that looks good, really goes with the hair and the beard
Santa: thanks, this is just my work look, I like to team it with sunglasses with red lenses at the weekends
Marco: hmm

the next day: