The Thread for Women

SSJ4SephirothX said:
Ok......I'm getting tired of all the fucking faggot shit getting posted in our thread and in the Random Picture Thread so I created this to stop the insanity. Ladies, post away!

SSJ4SephirothX's idea of getting gay porn posted at UM while blaming it on the ladies!! :lol:

I think that proves something... :rolleyes:
There must be a little gay-person inside every guy here, 'cause they are the ones to post those pics here. They must have a lot more of those on their comps :D
aham, and you think we will waste our time here posting shit... nice try for your "payback", but sorry, guys, we don't need them like you bunch of wankers hauhauaha

anyway, thanx for the thread, it's a good place to change informations about fashion... *cough cough* :ill: :D