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Ah, didn't know where all the info was coming from. Still, I honestly recommend the game even still. I'm only interested in this one because Kojima is still attached, after this i'm done because there's no way they're ever gonna let him do anything else with the series.

Anyways, the Dark Souls series is really cool. I only have Demons Souls and Bloodborne, and so far i've only beat Bloodborne because all the other ones are so difficult. I would go back and finish Demons Souls but i'm stuck in an annoying place.

Honestly figured you'd be a big fan of the series. It's difficult but once you break into it you love it. If you find them all too difficult i'd recommend Bloodborne, due to it's health system being the most forgiving and the health items being very abundant.
Thanks for ruining my day, Dave. :mad:

Dark Souls is literally the perfect series for you, though. I'm surprised you aren't more into it. I've played and beaten all of them, and there are only a few areas in each that I found unfairly difficult. Other than that, I think the difficulty is really overblown...
You're welcome, Keenan <3

Again, I was well aware that the Souls series was harder than Heihachi Mishima with a flick-knife and a raging boner, but Dark Souls started off a little TOO batshit ridiculous fo me and I simply didn't have the time to invest in it at that point. To quote Yahtzee Croshaw: "A challengeis one thing, but trying to break down a fucking cement wall with your forehead isn't a challenge; it's grounds for getting fucking sectioned. Although I suppose succeeding in breaking the wall down wil give a great sense of accomplishment - which is just as well, because you'll have lost all your other sense by then!"
Don't own the game anymore, gave it to a friend so she could endure the torment and she uit even sooner than I did. I at least got up to/just pst the first boss :lol: I really don't remember. My entire experience was so full of rage that I turned it off and played Guilty Gear Xrd instead.

I've heard Dark Souls II is a bit easier on newcomers, so I'll play that then revisit Dark Souls 1. I'd try Demon's Souls but apparently we don't count that one anymore
Super interested in Mad Max, will play eventually. I ended up playing all of Until Dawn with 3 friends, it was a great time. The game looked fucking fantastic, fun to play, cool story. Sadly I messed up the absolute last decision and killed everybody but 3 characters
So, completed Mad Max and have to say that ending was bit dissapointing. Still, enjoyed it a lot and there's still stuff to do and places to go as my game completion is only 57%, also now I have Interceptor to drive around. Hopefully Avalanche will release somekind of extension pack for this.
Well shii-it, I started new game on Mad Max. It doesn't have new game + feature, but it's still nice to give this another go as now you know what to do right from the start. Despite it's shortcomings, it's still great game for a die hard MM fan like me.
Currently, I'm testing CS2 (finally). I read various opinions about this game, but decided to visit website and check CS2 pro player rankings. The info there made me interested and I understood that I'd never know whether I like CS2 or not until I give it a try. Actually, I enjoy it.
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