The World Trade Center, in New York, was just Kamikazied by airplanes!

tape and the crash kicks ass...

The dumbest thing I've heard.

Correction that's not the dumbest thing. Fucking morons have to stop being so childish about this. People have died and soemthign serious has just happened yet people would rather treat as a fun and amusing spectacle.

Fucking assholes. I know people who work around there. NOt to mention the fact that the planes that crahsed were passenger planes.

I'm fucking pissed off right now, and worried...
I've seen the second plane crash- - explicit stuff you'd think it was footage from a movie.

I'm jumping to conclusions, but if thsi is a terrorist attack then probably it's by extremist muslim groups. (just a presumption you'll forgiv if i"m wrong).

Fuck I get think straight right now to deal with the issue properly. I've called several people I know to chekc if they're alright....
Ya know what? I wouldn't be surprised if another plane crashed someplace else really soon. That's pretty deliberate. I'm surprised the structure of those buildings could handle that. Just goes to show how strong they are/WERE! If I were in ANY skyscraper in the country, I'd get the fuck out!! Ya know what I'm saying.

THE PENTAGON!! HUGE PILLARS OF SMOKE COMING OUT OF THE PENATGON!! Oh my god...what the hells going on...I just heard that.
They've evacuated London too. This is really wierd and frightning since they discovered a bomb factory in London a few weeks ago near where my dad works.
So who do u put your bet on?
Palestinians would never be able pull shit like this off by themselves. and if they could, they would performed it in israel.
anyway, i'll put mine on iraq. saddam ate lots of shit from bush this year. i think he arranged it. it also goes hand in hand with his psycho attitude.
he should be wiped away 30 years ago... too bad.
A good friend of mine, we're in Chicago, had his corporate office in the WTC where the first plane hit. He lost a lot of friends today. A lot of moms dads kids were brutally murdered today. And "Human Life" dares to say the crash kicks ass???>????
I implore every member of this board to ignore every one of his posts.
This is just wrong. This is the kind off thing that pisses me off about the entire world, the sick minds that could actually make something like this a reality. This whole world is fucked up. My condolences go to all the victims and families involved in this. This is going to change a lot of things for everyone.......

I have a strong feeling this was Osama Bin Laden. He has a training school for terrorists, and his group announced that something like this would happen to the US about 3 weeks ago.....Damn.....This is one tragic day.
Today will go down in history as one of those moments everyone remebers - "where were you when...?"

This is disturbing. FUCKING Disturbing. The United States can't stand for this and action is going to have to be taken, and the response of the rest of the world to that action is going to go a long way to determine world security in the time to come. I'm actually a little bit scared - the fact that the Pentagon was actually hit is frightening. And think - this attack was carried out without any actual weapons. There are all sorts of biological, nuclear, etc. weapons floating around out there that could be so much worse.

Strong Thoughts, Feelings, and Wishes to all of those on the board who are or know anybody in New York or the vacinity of the Pentagon. It'll be a big relief when all of the resident New Yorkers check in online.

A very sad day.
My money's on Osama Bin Laden as well (metaphorically speaking). Didn't he organise the bombing of the embassies about seven or eight years back? He's shacked up with the Palestinian Taliban movement now, and they were expected to make a statement earlier on - I haven't seen whether it has been made yet...
This is mind-numbing though. I've heard about the sheer numbers of possible fatalities, and I find it impossible to visualise that kind of destruction of life. I heard that there were four planes hi-jacked - three have crashed, and one is still missing. All incoming air traffic to America has been diverted to Mexico, Canada and Iceland. Fighter planes are now patrolling Washington. I've heard reports of a single plane heading towards the White House too... if that's the fourth hijacked plane, the air force will be forced to shoot it down.
This kind of thing truly infuriates me... the people who organised this haven't put their own lives on the line for their beliefs - they've trained impressionable people to hijack and fly the planes, and so have sacrificed hundreds of innocent people on the planes for the purpose of trying to kill tens of thousands more. I find it depressing that humans are capable of such atrocities...
My heart goes out to the families of the people on the planes and in those buildings, and I truly hope the rescue operation helps to bring out the survivors.