Today was interesting! Fridge, cops, druggies, and rape!

Will Bozarth

Everlasting Godstopper
Jan 26, 2002
New Jersey
I went with my parents for lunch at Red Lobster, then went refrigerator shopping. We bought a fridge and came home. There was a car in the driveway, so we were quite confused. Apparently, one of my three half-sisters (all in their 30s) from my dad's previous marriage brought her old saggy boyfriend to our house to take a piss. Here's a brief history on her: prostitute, druggy, drunk, bi-polar, among other things. ANYWAY! She came out of the house saying that the old guy had to take a piss, and she was knocking on the door for a half hour... then they just went in! We came home when they were still inside and confronted them. She was screaming about how she was raped when she was 15 (?) and how my dad emancipated her (?). My mom then called the cops.... While all this was going on, my neighbors were sitting on their lawn laughing. The cops showed up and asked what was going on, then told us that he can't arrest them because they didn't see it happen. They looked her up in the computer, and BAM! She had warrants for her arrest. Another cop showed up and confirmed her warrants. She was telling them her side of the story and mentioned how she recently got "raped in NYC because she was on crack". Yes, that is a word-for-word quote. :loco:. Oh, she also mentioned how she got raped in Atlantic City. They got tired of her, so they threw cuffs on her and put her in the car parked in front of our house. Off she went!

Today's been awesome!
LoL ... that is an interesting day .... cops , drugs , rape :p ... did you had any weed in the house when the cops showed ?
They're Jersey cops anyway. If it's not in front of their face, they won't find it. I've been pulled over after a night of drinking and gotten only a ticket for expired registration. Nothing I'm proud of at all, but it proves my point.
Yeah, because that was totally the point of this thread.

Update! Update! Update!

I went into the bathroom and I found a chip from Showboat on the floor. We didn't go to Showboat this weekend. We looked in the little cabinet thing and found that all of the chips were missing! There were a bunch of red Miss America $5 chips, a $100 Las Vegas chip (fake, souvenier) and some others... my mom described them, AAAAAND... they found them on her! So now, she's being taken to another jail and she'll most likely be charged for breaking/entering as well as theft!
Ugh, I hate women who play the rape card.

I agree, which is why I don't tell people. And had to bite my tongue for an entire year when my roomate who was groped by her boyfriend and said she was raped, cried and whined all year about it, when I really sort of wanted to slap her and say I got raped before I even got my damn period, and I don't spend my days weeping about it shut the fuck up. Had I started she would have gotten knocked over. It's a horrible thing. It's a violation, it's disgusting and degrading, and yes I've hurt and still hurt because of it, but it's not an excuse for anything.
That's pretty fucking crazy. I wouldn't like any crack whore, regardless of familial connections, in my house, ever.

Unless I had invited her.