Using compression on final mix..

Frank'nfurter said:
Perfect german, dude! :tickled:
ich habe in Deutschland für sechs jahre gelebt..... in fact i started playing guitar there, bought my first guitar at a small shop in Geissen, and started my first band. the band was called Assassin... no relation to the German band that put out The Upcoming Terror and then Interstellar Experience... i first heard of them a year after i left Germany to live once again in the states. it's a good thing i left... my young liver was in danger from too much of the old hefe weizen.

ha, nur ein witz ;)... i drank a lot but not that much. German beer is still my favorite, can't drink much anymore because of my medicine. i have fond memories of living in Frankfurt though, vielen spaß. and of course i've been back to Germany many times since then, touring.