Very Important Ftp Info For To Avoid Getting Disconnected...


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Apr 17, 2001
Sheffield, England
A few of you have been getting booted from the Ftp while uploading/downloading... The reason is I had to schedule it to shutdown and restart every 2 hours otherwise just after being online for 2 hours it refuses connections. I was going to post the info on here but figured it wouldn't happen as much as it has been!

The server goes offline at the turn of every even hour of the day... 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc.. and comes online after 1 minute of being offline 12:01, 2:01 etc.

So if you get booted wait 1 minute and you'll be able to get back on and resume the upload or download you where doing :)

Sorry about that but it's the only way I could find to fix the problem! :)

:deb: :D :) :loco:
I'm not sure... I'm looking around for another Ftp server and will maybe upgrade to Windows 2000 Advanced Server to see if I can sort the problem.. :confused: :)
w2k advanced server just refused to install on my pc - dont ask my why... it's a burned copy of the original cd with serial code and everything... i tried for hours:confused:
Storm - How did it refuse to install on your PC? Two most common reasons for not installing are:
1. You don't meet min requirements - it'll tell you this though..and its different between 2k and advanced 2k.
2. You have hardware that is not on the HCL. Normally this results in a blue-screen...or simply a lack of drivers for the device (and thus non-use of the device).

Why do you need advanced anyway?
@ 1. LOL not met requirements... i have an 800 Mhz AMD Thunderbird with 128 MB RAM...

@ 2. cant think so, the pc consists of brand parts only!

@ 3. cos i got it for free and wanted to install 2k anyway - if you may choose between a VW and a porsche without having to pay for it, what would you do? :D

i cant remember what he exactly said but i tried different ways (upgrading from w98, formatting and booting from cd-rom) but one of the reasons was he installed a part from the cd and then told me there was no cd, and the other time it was like upgrade not possible because today is the 14th wednesday of the 8th years after bill gates 40th birthday...
same copy worked on a friends machine without any problems...