Waves SSL vs. Smart C2...who can pick the outboard?

Lasse Lammert

HCAF Blitzkrieg
Feb 12, 2009
yeah, this is tough.

one is Waves SSL Comp, the other one is Smart C2.
Settings were the same on both compressors, close to 4 dB GR



who can hear a difference? And who wanna have a guess which one is the C2?
B is more compressed so I'd say B is the plugin cause I always have the impression you have/can to push hardware comps a bit more than plugs, and 4 GR can turn the mix muddier with a plug. A shame I'm listening on a laptop. Still no network @ the studio.
i have to admit though, the difference really aren't the huge to me... granted I only listened on computer speakers but it doesn't take $$$$ monitors to hear what a 2BUSS comp is doing to transients when a/b'ing like this.

the trick for me is to listen very closely to what's happening with the SNARE.. that's what i'm always listening for.

and on the topic of 2BUSS comps, I'm demo'ing the Duende Buss Comp and I fucking LOVE ITTTTTTTTTT. Didn't dig it at first because I am so used to the Waves incarnation and The Glue but JESUS they got it RIGHT!!! it's like instant GLUEEEEEE and SHEEEEEEEEEEEN. well, when setup correctly...
I hope A is the plugin but my guess is it's the hardware... Everything just sounds smoother and more glued together. If this is true then i hate you for inducing me with more GAS to get me one of those lol I've been wanting one for months but i just can't come to spending that much money when i have the waves version and IMO is very usable. Now that i hear them side by side i'm starting to think it might be worth it...

Thanks for doing this btw, your shootouts are always interesting and fun to follow.
Drums slightly more separation and umph on B . Bit smoother sound on A . In fact Version B has more separation on all elements and more pop . Version A has better 'glue' I guess , over all smoother . I guess that means A is hardware .... .