Waves SSL vs. Smart C2...who can pick the outboard?

I hope A is the plugin but my guess is it's the hardware... Everything just sounds smoother and more glued together. If this is true then i hate you for inducing me with more GAS to get me one of those lol I've been wanting one for months but i just can't come to spending that much money when i have the waves version and IMO is very usable. Now that i hear them side by side i'm starting to think it might be worth it...

Thanks for doing this btw, your shootouts are always interesting and fun to follow.

Buy a clone man. I bought mine for about 1000$ :)
Buy a clone man. I bought mine for about 1000$ :)

I've been looking into that actually but i'm not sure where to buy and who to trust with clones. Most places i've found sell parts for DIY and im not sure my soldering and electronics skills are up for such a task. I can rewire something like a guitar no problem but i think this would be a little more complex than that.
But would have no practical relevance because nobody in their right mind would run a needless extra roundtrip before hitting an ITB mixbus compressor.

Yes could be interesting only if you use a "good" line mixer with mixbuscomps and if you compare it with ITB mixbus comp.

Lasse in these examples :
You send bus to C2 and return to A/D ?
Or you send stereos bus to a line mixer, C2 inserted on master bus and goes to A/D ?

Just to know if we are listening a double D/A A/D and the DAW groupbus in theses 2 exemples.
Both times it's the same conversion.
Line out into c2 and back into pt, then the waves inserted after it.
One time I bypassed te c2 with the signal still going through the conversion and one time I bypassed the waves