Wayne - Metal Church


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Wayne - Metal Church
Nuclear Blast - 2001
By Philip Whitehouse

How not to inspire confidence in an album reviewer - part one. Upon leaving a successful band and forming a solo project, show a startling lack of imagination and name the solo project after yourself and the debut album after your erstwhile band.
This is unfortunately what David Wayne, ex-singer for Metal Church, has done. Perhaps all his creativity was used up on the music and he had none left for such mundane things as nomenclature.

Upon listening to the album, that would appear to be the case. Metal Church is a rip-roaring extravaganza of old-school metal in its heaviest vein. Obvious reference points are Black Sabbath and, of course, Metal Church (the band - do try and keep up), with Wayne's voice as powerful as it was back in the Church's heyday and the tag-team of Craig Wells and Jim Bell unleashing the rocking riffs and solos effortlessly. Drums and bass are adequate but sadly, nothing to write home about. Then again, this style of music was always about the guitars, vox and little else.

Stand-out tracks include the infectiously catchy 'The Hammer Will Fall', with a rather lovely solo occuring from 2:23 to 2:58, and the obviously 'Heaven And Hell' inspired 'Die Satan Die' (printed simply as DSD on the album sleeve). Wayne also throws a slower song into the mix with the cloying but still cool 'Ballad For Marianne'.

Overall, Wayne adequately fill the gap left by the passing of bands such as Metal Church and Reverend, as well as delivering a bolt of old-school caustic metal to nostalgia buffs everywhere. Go on - you know you want to buy it.

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I must say that is was the previous Metal Church CD that was pure crap. I couldn't tolerate MASTERPEACE; it was terribly slow with poor lyrics. On the other hand Wayne METAL CHURCH is a great CD, other than the blatant use of Metal Church icons on the CD as a way to sell more copies by the label (Nuclear Blast) - just my opinion. But with the music Wayne does no wrong and it's better than the Reverend CD, PLAY GOD, I have also.