Well, it seems that I may have just bought a house....

Yup. My wife and I made an offer on a nice little 3 bedroom ranch here. It's a nice house in a nice neighborhood. I believe that we'll be able to secure an agreement sometime early tomorrow. I was able to swing a pretty good deal, and my wife and I are eagerly awaiting to hear whether the offer was accepted or not. The sellers are several people actually, and I already have the main seller (power of attorney) in the bag. It's just up to his two siblings to accept. So, it looks pretty good! :D We'll be broke as all hell, but at least we'll have a roof over our heads! :) I'll keep you all posted, but I may have to be absent here for awhile soon if we move. Wish us luck! :)

Cheers!:) and DOUBLE CHEERS! :D
GREAT NEWS!! :) :eek:
Cheers mate!!
I hope Holly is happy too, about the choise.
What made you buy it, in the end?

I know it's a big decision, and I hope it works out.

Good Luck!! :)

I'm going to face an equally big decision in a few years, but that's more about in which country I want to live and work, since my GF is not Swedish, and I am. Oh well.
Awesome EC. My wife wants to start shopping for a new house for us soon... :eek: I'm dreading every minute! I can only think of one thing in life more stressful than buying a house - having a kid! ;)
You know whats too funny about this whole thing.............My girlfriend and I have been looking for a house for months too.............I hated every damn minute of it( sorry I cant tell you about having kids cause I havent got any, so I'll just take your word(s) for it:)) anyway........we found a nice little place close to the beach, made an offer (way lower than the asking price) and.............BA BAAAAAAAAM! They excepetd! :)

So EC I feel your pain my freind. But at the same time I feel your excitement too.......pretty cool aint it?

We're due to close on May 25.

now lets see how long I can avoid marriage:)
Speaking from experience...

The hardest part (or at least the part that forces the most adjustment) of a relationship is moving in and living with the girl. Thats a huge step. Once thats done, its pretty much like you are married. Especially if you guys buy a house together. Being married is just a piece of paper and letting the world know..and dealing with the ceremony. :p

The only other major adjustment (and you may/may not have done this) is finances/taxes. Once you are married, you get to sit down and determine if you are going to share a checking account, if you are gonna keep em seperate, who pays for what yadda yadda yadda....and its true (at least for me) 75% of fights in a marraige revolve around money/finances in one way shape or form....unless you are a cheating bugger who can't keep his hands off of other women... :D ;)

God I'm old....
You sure are Rabies, what the heck are you talking about...? ;)

Good luck with the purchase EC, I wont say congrats though untill you sign that paper.. :)
Thanks guys! :D I appreciate the good kharma! ;)

Well you'll be happy to know that our offer was accepted this afternoon! We got a pretty good deal, I think. The final price is fairly well below the list price.

We decided on this particular house for many reasons, but to list a few.....

  • The deal was ripe. The sellers were in a little bit of a weak position.
  • The neighborhood is excellent. Virtually no crime, very quiet, good access to the city and shopping, and the home values have been going up at about twice the national average!
  • The house is very solid. Built very well, new roof, solid brick exterior, the only thing it needs is some interior updating which we would've wanted to do anyway.
  • Nice lot. Trees and lots of room. It's about 100 feet by 300 feet. Decent view of the countryside.

There's more I could add (like the MASSIVE gameroom w/wet bar!), but you get the picture. It was an all-around good deal at $118,000. :D

I'll be putting the old tool belt on for a while, but it's WORTH IT! And besides, I like to retool the interior to our liking anyway, so I couldn't care less about having to make updates. :)

Jim: Don't even scare me with talk of kids! ;) With as much as we're paying, I'm just glad that we can afford to keep the two cats! That's all the "pitter-patter" we can handle! ;) Anyway, Holly is very excited too, and she asks me to say "Hi" and "Thanks"! We're both looking forward to your visit in August. We still have to talk 7th Son into making the trip from Cinnci. I'll be sure to make more time this year! :)

Well, we still have to nail down the financing, but what the hell???


(And a BIG CONGRATS back to Maidenman! We'll be closing on almost the same day!:))
Yeah congrats man, wow how cool it must be to have a house, now you can blast that bass how much you like( when the wife`s out...:rolleyes: ) Sounds like the lot is made for some great summer nights.. :)
EC Im stoked to get down there! I'll be visiting you guys in August and Maidenman and his better half in December! Now I need to figure out a way to get down to Maryland to see Rabies!
Lets see if I can keep all this straight...

I'm on my third house... I kinda have enjoyed the experience of buying a house, fixing it up, and selling it for a profit. Very time consuming though...

Ahh.....I wouldn't say the longer your together, the less you get it in general. You kinda zoom in an appropriate freqency. Of course your units of measure may be different! I.e. Frequency = 1 per N. Guy's N = 10 minutes, and women's is probably a Month! :):):)

EC: If you wait until you can afford a kid, you'll never have one! Take the plunge, its not all dirty diapers! Wait until you can sit with your son/daughter at the piano and do thier lessons with them....... Not a thing better in the world :)