I bought a house!!!!!! :-)


Jan 29, 2006
Nieuw-Buinen, The Netherlands
So after a long search and some candidates...me and the future wife now are almost house owners.....

Our bid has been accepted by the seller. Now it's just paperwork to finish.....

Man, I'm really excited. From the inside it's been completelly torn down and build up properly again with all modern needs and requirements.

A brand new bathroom & kitchen are there to be installed, and since it wasn't installed yet, the house came for a bargain!!! Which gave us a nice amount of money to build more rooms and an extension!!

I'm a pretty handy guy, so I know how to do most things. My uncle is coming for the plumbing. And we're looking to finish the main floor by November 6th when we get married :)...

I just feel like a really blessed person right now!

Here are some photos.

Ow...and one of the best things... since the guy that started to build this was a bachelor and a music lover. He arranged to have a speaker connections in all the rooms to 1 central point. This means you can hook up a stereo and blast music throughout the whole house! :)... Also, he arranged to have a TV Connection in EVERY room. Also the bathroom...whahahahahahaha




Congrats on the new domecile!!!
Whats the bathroom situation like? 1, 1.5, 2?
I ask because I grew up in a house of females aside from myself and bathroom time was something hard to come by.
Have you nominated your jam room yet? I reckon that'd be one of the first things I'll do when the wife and I get our own pad.
Its a minor shame you didn't score the next house over. Then your address would be 187, gangsta!!!
That's awesome about it being prewired with speaker wire, it'll be the party spot! Well, actually, I hate hosting big parties, so even if I had that I wouldn't, cuz being something of an OCD neat freak I hate the idea of people moving or even touching my stuff :lol: BUT, if you're not bound by such concerns (or just invite over close friends) then rock on! :D And yeah, a dedicated studio space (with pics detailing the construction) is mandatory :headbang: Does it have a full basement, btw? Cuz with the other houses so close, I dunno how much they'd like someone banging away on a drumset :erk:
I got speakers in almost every room in the new place. Just came built in. 6 in the ceiling 3 on each wall. Kinda over kill. (6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms) One central for upstairs and one for downstairs. Also have the whole place networked for the interwebs/computers.

Yeah, thought I'd share. ;)