What day/time do YOU get to Atlanta?

I'm arriving afternoon on Thursday. Attending the Preshow & Friday night on my own. My friend will be arriving early Saturday to attend Sat night.

Luckily my mom had unused flyer miles that would just go to waste if I didn't use them so my plane trip is free. Paying for a hotel but not bothering with a car.

kellsco said:
Dude! I'm on American Airlines arriving at Atlanta at 1:51 pm. I'm connecting to that flight in Dallas.

We so need to change seats with peeps and get the party started early! :headbang:

So, let´s begin the party from Dallas.
See you there kellsco !!! :wave:
junnie from the east said:
oh, good luck with your long flight pollution! my friend and i will be arriving at Atlanta airport at 3 pm on Wed., and taking Marta as well. you are arriving a bit earlier so we might not meet there, but i just wanted to wish your safe and pleasant flight! :) take care!

Thanks, the flight was long, safe and not unpleasant, made it to Massachusetts without a prob :) Yeah I probably want to get out of the airport sooner than that, I'll be hanging out at airports enough during this trip otherwise too heheh. I'll make sure to say hi if I see you at the festival though! You have a good, safe flight over too :)
good to hear about your safe flight! i hope mine won't be unpleasant either, but i still have 3 days before taking off... i'm so thrilled..thank you for the wish, see you later!

and thank you The_Q, i sent you a PM so please check your inbox! i'll write again when i decide what to wear on that day :D
Screw it, I'm leaving Monday afternoon, be there Tuesday afternoon.

Just like last year. I planned to arrive Friday afternoon at first. Then I thought, "Hmm, Magistral at the pre-party, that sounds good." and it became Thursday afternoon.

But then I thought, "I'll be tired from a long bus trip, and what if the bus is delayed?" so it became Wednesday afternoon.

But then I thought, "Atlanta has some cool stuff that I want to see and I'll need to take a day to do that." So it became Tuesday.

I also wanted to get in ahead of Ivan.
Got a call from Delta last night. "You're flight has been cancelled. We put you on the 8:15."
Argh! Garden State Parkway to the New Jersey Turnpike to Newark Airpor at rush hour!!?
No, Thank you!! Also would have put us into Atlanta around 10:30, looong before check in time at the Granada.
Thankfully, Dave found an 11:15 so we'll be arriving around 2:30. (Same time as you, pollution, if you still want to share a ride.)
Anyone else get the fateful Delta call? I hear they're "consolidating" a lot of flights.
Bad Girl Tess said:
I shut the door and traveled to another home, I met an older man, he seemed to be alone -- No? :)

We (Shane, my sis and I) get in around 12 on Wednesday!! YESSSSSS!!

:cool: Uh-oh!! I'm 'sposed to watch yall till the Cavalry arrives!! We won't be in till 2:00 on Thursday - So yall will have to stay in your room till I get there to supervise you. :loco:

Don't worry, parents, I'll take care of her!! :Smokin: :kickass: :devil: :devil: :zombie: :yow: :puke: :Smokedev: :D :heh: :headbang:


Chris :headbang:
I'm leaving Vaasa Finland tomorrow morning(Wednesday) at 06.25 am. Flying to Stockholm, then NY, then Orlando. I'll be in Orlando at 7 pm local time.
At 2 am Jim and I are getting on a 9 hour busride to Atlanta...

So I'll be the pale redhead with bloodshot eyes that stumbles around, more dead than alive....

Have a safe trip everyone. I hope mine goes well... No hurricanes, no lost luggage and no delays anywhere... but who knows... :p

See you Thursday!
What time do we get to Atlanta?...not soon enough!!!!! :loco: leaving in 19 hours!!!

Stopping off in Knoxville to visit our hurricane displaced friends...bring them some goodies, ....then getting into town Thursday,....just in time to keep hunting down Pre party tickets,...ha ha ha .
i'm leaving in 5 hours, and fly straight from Tokyo to Atlanta by Delta.. hope nothing wrong with my flight!
Bear, have a nice flight! i'll be missing you by 1 day and 30 min! see you later!!!

ps, The_Q, i'm wearing black cami and carrying a dark orange suitcase and backpack. i'll look for a Masterplan T! ;)