What day/time do YOU get to Atlanta?


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Jul 18, 2002
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I know some folks have mentioned their arrival times in several different threads but I thought it would be cool to have a centralized thread for them. So people can figure out who they could meet at the airport already and arrange something by priv. messages or posting at the thread.

Like I'd love to ride the Marta with someone I know or anyone from the forum really :) Will be landing at the Atlanta airport for the first time ever, it's not that I'm scared to ride the Marta alone but I'd imagine it's definitely boring alone and talking with someone who is as excited about PP as me would be cool.

My time of arrival at ATL airport: Wednesday at 2.10pm, let me know if you're arriving anytime close to that :) (BTW I am leaving for my trip in like 3 hours, will read the forum next time in a couple of days when I've arrived the US)
oh, good luck with your long flight pollution! my friend and i will be arriving at Atlanta airport at 3 pm on Wed., and taking Marta as well. you are arriving a bit earlier so we might not meet there, but i just wanted to wish your safe and pleasant flight! :) take care!
Hey Junnie I will be arriving in Atlanta on Wednesday at 3:11 PM. We should meet up and take the Marta together. PM me and we can talk about it!
Noonish for us on Wednesday (us = jhallum & myself). This, of course, is ENTIRELY dependent on Northwest's ability to get flights off in time with their mechanics on strike. I'm not really holding my breath but I am crossing my fingers!

I know there are a few others coming in about the same time that we're hoping to take the MARTA to Midtown with. :dopey:
Depends on Ophelia, just as last year I had to come in early due to Ivan.

I was originally scheduled for Wed. at 5am, getting on a Greyhound at 2:35pm on Tuesday.

But if Ophelia still hasn't made up her mind and is loitering between Florida and Georgia as of Monday, I'm taking off first thing Monday morning.

Looks like I'll be making a full week of it once again.
Dave and I are suppose to land on Wednesday at 12:36. We'll be looking forward to finding some other Wednesday arrivals to hang with.

Tried to e-mail you, pollution, but it came back to me. Safe travels and see ya in Atlanta!
I'm arriving probably like 5:00 pm Friday. Why? Because I live like 25 minutes from Earthlink live...


Going early to get T-shirt and DVD, do some shopping, then watch Manticora kick my ass.
We're driving up from Florida Wed morning. If we leave at the time I want to we should roll in around 3-ish.

If anyone is looking to do a get together for beers, music, whatevers send me a message and we can exchange cell #s.

We got a suite at the Residence this year. We were there for 4 and it was GREAT. Short walk to venue and roomy.
My plane is due to arrive 9/15 about noonish. I know the MARTA is the cheapest, but I opt for the shuttle service. I like not having to weight around for a train, as well as having all my luggage secure in the back of the shuttle.
This Saturday around 2, onto MARTA, then straight to campus to watch my Jackets stomp a mud hole in the Tar Heels :headbang:

End result is I'll be around the whole week so if anyone runs into any serious problems I can probably help out (especially if you're a hot chick ;))
Planning on leaving at about 11:30 on Friday, to get there at 3:30, *hopefully* pick up my new tickets from the box office, go to where we're staying, and then be ready to go in at 4:30 when the doors open for us non-gold badge folks. ^_^
Me, Paula and Patty (Girlfriend and friend) will be arriving in Atlanta on wednesday night, around 9PM. We'll leave Greenwich-CT at around 5AM the same day.

5 and a half more days! Woo-Hoo!