ProgPower USA XVII - Arrival Times


Terminate Bad Music
Feb 22, 2006
Fredericksburg, VA USA
It might be a bit early, but I'm really looking forward to ProgPower this year.

It's a good idea that we share our arrival times so we know when to expect folks to arrive in Atlanta so people can make plans to meet up at the airport, etc.

Post your airline, flight number and arrival times so people can make plans to meet up.

SkiBumMSP (Steve) and I are arriving on Tuesday at 2:35 PM on Southwest flight #159 out of Richmond, VA.

First time for us arriving on Tuesday! Nice not having to be in a hurry! :)
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Well, people aren't likely to meet up with me, but I'll post my info anyways.

I'm arriving at 1:44PM Wed on Delta flight 1144 from Dulles.
Driving in from Nashville. Should be at the Residence Inn about mid-to-late morning Friday. Just need to get there in time to get my GB and check in.
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Arriving Tuesday at 5pm! We're staying near the airport again since its a lot cheaper to rent a car and drive to midtown
Arriving Wednesday at 3pm - then sprinting for the Marta. Assuming everything goes smoothly I should *just* make it to the venue for Lord. I hate rushing it but that is the earliest I could manage without coming in on Tuesday.
Laura and I will be arriving on Tuesday at 2:14 pm on Delta 2310 from Dallas.. we'll probably see you and Steve on the train, Dave. :)
We usually eat at the airport before we jump on the MARTA. PM me when you and Laura arrive. :)

Let's talk more as we get closer.. I think Laura wants to make a Publix run so we can stock on kosher snacks for the week.. the airport is generally not dietary friendly for us. :p