2011 Arrival Times


Aug 1, 2002
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So since we're just over a month away, I figured I'd start the usual, yearly "arrival times" thread, so everyone can make plans to meet up at the airports, and etc..

I'll be arriving on Thursday, 9/15 at 1:51pm via AirTran.
my itinerary got changed by the airline I leave Providence RI at 6am :guh: , so I will be arriving super early to Atlanta at 9am on Wednesday on Delta Airlines...anyone wanna get breakfast?? :D
Sadly, I will not be arriving this year, wish I could, but things just didn't work out this year, but I will be there next year come hell or high water.
Driving up...I'll be there early Thursday afternoon. New Artizan shirts and CD's, too :D
Whoever is coming in around 1:30-2pm on Thursday, if you want to meet up and ride the Marta together into Downtown/Midtown, let me know and I'll forward you my cell number. Looking forward to seeing everyone! :)
Driving down most likely after class either monday, tuesday, or wednesday.. (preferably monday to have more hang out time w/ my old friends) to be determined based on my friend and whether not he wins a competition & goes to California.. i'll still have access to his place though either way. Most likely I'll end up driving after class on wednesday and getting to the venue by the time doors have opened.