Flight arrival times

We land at 2pm on Delta from San Jose..MARTA to the Artmore, grocery run at 3, & then let the debauchery commence!
Looks like BenMech, Ripper* and I will be arriving by car on Wed. night, returning home after Midweek Mayhem**, then arriving by car for good Thurs. afternoon and staying at the Artmore....we hope.

I'll actually be in the downtown area on Tuesday, departing after Dragon*Con, so those of you in town early PM me or something.
The Vortex, or that NY-pizza-nazi place up on P'Tree, might await. :)

Go a bit north and there's a Kroger just past the Super 8 and across the freeway bridge.

And it's open 24 hours......damned handy!

* this might not be the Ripper you're thinking of
** although sadly, I note that Mayhem is not performing :)
a little after 3pm, Wednesday, AirTran. I'll probably see a bunch of you at the baggage claim, like the last couple years. :)
We'll be joining the 3pm+ crowd at the Atrium. I'm pretty sure Britt (The Invisible Guest) and his buddy will be on our flight that gets in at 3 on Wednesday too. See everybody there (that includes you booB).

BTW, is anybody planning a grocery run from the Artmore on Wednesday evening? Got room for Yardleybates and I to tag along?
Driving in Tuesday morning. Need to get an early start on partying! :kickass:

Yay - it won't be just me & Jim trying to get an early start on the festivities. Should be at the Inn at the Peachtrees hopefully by 430ish (he will get there early as he is driving over from a sidetrip in Florida) - so look us up if you want to go out for food & drinks Tues eve.

@ rolando, no doubt it will all work out. Just bring a load of change for the pay phone:lol:

Hope to manage so or find one that takes credit card, otherwise I'm pretty much in trouble :ill:
I get in Thursday around 1:10 P.M.... My flight leaves LAX around 6:30 so I have to get up around 3 A.M. that day :zombie:
Wed. At 1:20 via Delta out of Chicago.
I'll be hanging out at the airport waiting for a friend's flight to get in at 2:20. Will probably see a few Progpower-an's....we kind of stand out.
I'll be the chick with the long black hair wearing black, probably picking my nose, while prancing about the baggage claim singing show tunes.

Sweeney Todd show tunes? I'm in!

Bear and I will arrive weds at about 1:30 on Delta..differnt flights!! Kittybeast, we get to finally party together!!! Whoohoo!!:kickass::headbang:
I'll be looking for you for sure!

I come in Wed at 3 pm!


And I only work one day next week. Huzzah!


just shout out sweeney todd songs and I'll find ya!!

@ Leah, f'kin cannot wait!! Glad I put up the pic of all 4 of us ladies!!

Can't wait to see everyone again! Safe travels~!