2011 Arrival Times

fArtmore, I'm kinda sad Drew isn't coming this year :(
No Aki, no Drew and no John. :( Not gonna be the same. I fear a lot of drowning of sorrow in their honor. I blame any excessive inebriation and/or hangovers on them in advance.
Another Tuesday arrival here, around 9pm via Delta from San Fran. Will be my first time using Marta, should be interesting considering i have no clue what i'm doing. lol.
Weird. I'm part of their group every time they go but no one cares if I miss Progpower. ._.


Seriously though, it blows D&J aren't going to be there because I have to room with milton.

Me and my PP roadtrip buddies (Heather Huddleston, Matt White, and Jen Keffer) are leaving BEFORE the ass-crack of dawn Wednesday from the Baltimore area (driving), and should be arriving that afternoon sometime. We got a suite at the Residence Inn. See some of you at the Mid-week Mayhem show!
i am soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited i will be there at super 8 on thurs , WHO WILL BE THERE LOOK FOR ME ? , oh anyone need a cd of CYNIC FOCUS 1ST PRESSING , AND JAP IMPORT OF HELLOWEEN BOX SET just email me at prog_RGmetal@lycos.com i will have them with me at the show

any 1st time prog power fans need help let me know ?

see you all soon
I'm driving in from BR Thursday morning. My aim is to get in around check in at the Super 8, so about 3ish. Knowing me though, I'm going to speed like hell and end up sleeping in my car for an hour before check in starts. Driving solo, thank the gods for my flash drive driven car stereo.
Holy crap...where did the summer go?

Arriving Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. from Phoenix via U.S. Airways.

Plan to take the MARTA if Useless Air arrives reasonably on time...otherwise will cab it!
They do sell Yuengling in Georgia. In fact, you can get it at the bars in Center Stage. Been able to do so for the last couple of years.

Yuengling bought out the old Stroh's brewery in Tampa and have been making beer there for a while.

From Wikipedia: "Yuengling began distribution in the state of Georgia on October 27, 2008"
Meeting a friend (Brent) at the ATL aiport around 1pm-ish. Hope to be at the hotel by 2pm on Thursday.

Let's do this.