Arrival Times

For those who are arriving early (as in, before Wed), a group of us are getting together at the Gordon Biersch in Midtown, sometime after 5PM till whenever we get kicked out or pass out. I'll need a headcount, so feel free to to either email me (through my profile) or if you're on facebook and this link works, respond to the fb event invite. I'll be putting the reservation under the name ProgPower, so if you're a late-comer, that's what you'll have to ask for. :)
Mind you we will have just returned from a tour in the desert, so if we seem a little up tight at first I apologize it is just a facade. But again I digress. Can't wait to party with some peeps.

Assuming by a tour in the desert that you and your buddy were proudly serving our country? If so, PLEASE come find me at some point during the fest and introduce yourself. I'd like to thank you personally and buy you a beer!
I get up at 4 am Mon-Fri. Sleeping till 6 on Sat/Sun is sleeping in...:lol: See ya next week!

I'm routinely up at 5:30am for work, but fortunately I only have to do that once in the next week, and I've been making myself stay up later and sleep later so that I'm not nodding off in the courtyard at 2am.
Yeeeeehaw! Arriving on Thursday around 3:00 PM and leaving Sunday way too early in the morning. Going to be worth it, though!

Bro, I am beyond happy now. It wouldn't be the same without you, and now my wife can meet both the Drewmiester and Aki.
Should be arriving around 2 on Wednesday. Won't be going to the Wed or Thursday shows though. Got some great seats for the Braves game Thursday night (especially compared to Yankees ticket prices)
I'll be arriving with my friend Lori around 2pm Thursday at the airport. We are going to meet up with my guitarist and his family then take the MARTA to our hotels.
Can't wait....see ya's there!