What do you think of Nile?

I only have Black Seeds Of Vengeance and I really love it.

"The Dream Of Ur" has one of the most emotional guitar solos I've heard in my life and the vocals on that song kill too.

Good technical death metal band. Their drummer is awesome. The vocalist is really, really talented as well.

NP: Garden Of Shadows - Oracle Moon

Black seeds of vengeance has been spinning around in my CD-player quite a lot these last weeks. It's the only album I have and I like it a lot, one of the only death metal bands I like along with bands like Morbid angel & Cannibal corpse.
Thorns of Sorrow: Well i'll share some egyptian scales with ya..im not gonna tab it out..cuz i'm doin this of the top of my head, and i dunno if it would fit right in the message box. So I'll just give you the notes, if you have the smallest grasp of music theory, figuring these out from just the notes and degrees shouldnt be that hard...
thanks, all i needed were the notes. i'm checking out the scales right now.
Nile are boring
(live, anyway, their albums are ok, though a little boring as well........),

I saw them live last year, and some guy I know described
very well how their music sounds:

I quote:

"Instead of going to their concert, I just as well could have
put two hairdryers to my each of ears and set at them max."

Though I must admit that Bolt Thrower played there a few weeks earlier, so then a band like Nile will always dissappoint.

They can never live up to the production they have on album,
that sound is impossible to have when playing live,
you´ll never get a clear transparent mix.
both nile records are great death metal (and sounds nothing like morbid angel) and i think they are agreat live band. they were one of the best performances at the NE hardcore and metalfst. they probalby played tighter than Arch Enemy did, though AE had a bit more energy, and angela's stage moves are really funny.
Ok I have let this Nile bashing go on for too long. Nile kicks ass and that's all there is to it. Live or otherwise they are among the best death metal bands today. I saw them open for CoF last summer in New York and they played an amazing show, although I felt they should have played a longer set. Nile has an awesome stage presence with three vocalists (both guitarists and the bassist growl). It is really cool seening them live cause you can see where the vocal parts change.
I can't believe that some person earlier said that fucking Bolt Thrower is better than Nile. That, my friends, is utter bullshit. I am, however, willing to forgive this person because Nile does take some time to get used to, as they are extremely brutal. Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing them again this summer with Arch Enemy and Hate Eternal.
I don't care for the music (just too heavy for my taste), but I definitely respect them. I've seen them live probably 6 or 7 times, and they're always so tight. Nice guys, too.