What is the Best Way To Listen to Music?


Papa Opeth
May 19, 2001
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Note:not including live

Some ideas are:

In the car?
Main Home system?
Headphones sitting in a chair?
With a walkman while doing something?

Car is the #1 place for me.

Then, it's on the couch listening to my main sytem right before bed-time. The only problem here is that I never make it through too many songs. My system is pretty good, but I find myself waking up in the middle of the night wondering which songs I missed.
My 2 favorites...

1. Listening at night before/while I fall asleep.

2. My Pc's stereo system while I am online or just for general use.

#1 is my favorite, until I start suffering from "sleep-skip".

Best place for me is definitely in my car. Long drives seem like a few minutes with opeth.

Another great place is, and I can't emphasize this enough: the GYM. I don't listen to anything when i lift weights, but when I'm on the treadmill or out on some highschool track, time flies when I have Opeth on. Of course for those who listen to music while pumping up, Opeth too is better than anything in existence.
has to be in the car.

i have a fine stereo at home but put me in my car with my cds and i could drive for hours on end. I dont know why but i enjoy it so much more than listening at home.
My home system is amazing, and so that is great, but for some reason I find it best on the computer as I surf..with headphones on..just put in a cd..and away I go.

I also like the car, because I have it worked out for each song how far I can go. I put in Morningrise, take off for town, and know that by the time song number 4 starts I am there. Each place I go, I know how far the cd will play before I get there with all the Opeth albums. I know if I am going to one town, I need to put in MAYH, because it will get to play at least the two first songs before I get there. Or maybe I am going to another town, I put in Blackwater Park because it will get me there by the time Bleak ends....
I actually don't like listening on ym computer, because I can't fully concentrate on it, which you NEED to do when listening to Opeth.

My favorite place would probably be in my room on my bed.
Actually, I forgot the absolute best one ever.

On a school bus.

One time I was going on some sort of field trip to Boston, and I went through 3-4 Black Sabbath albums and I completely changed my opinion about them. Just a couple of months ago, I listened to Blackwater Park on a bus, and the same thing happened then.
I prefer listening to music at night with my headphones on when it´s silent. I only use my computer to download some new samples but I don´t play full cd´s on my computer I prefer my stereo.
I like it loud and on a big system, myself.. but living in an old apartment building, thin walls, and brand new neighbours... I have a decent pair of headphones (used them for sound recording monitors when in film school) that don't get much use.. now and then I pull 'em out to drown out the world..

When I had a car (and before it gained an unnatural attraction to a lamppost on the wrong side of the street), that was the best. I'm sure someone seeing me singing along, etc, thought I was not quite right..
A good pair of headphones, the ones that cover your whole ear. Anything else is cheating yourself, and frankly sounds like shit in comparison.
Blasting on the home stereo while jumping around the room playing airguitar etc.

oh,that reminds me of somebody hehehe ;)

apart from that i also love listening to music while sitting in my room with candles on and lights off........
or while lying in bed........
while i'm reading and talking on the phone.....NOT!

definitely needs to be complete solitude (or with someone who can also appreciate it ;) ). gotta concentrate intensely.

in bed, no lights, headphones not just ON, but PRESSED against my ears. nothing else matters then.
It might be fun to play Blackwater Park to EVERYONE on a school bus... Maybe not start with The Leper Affinity, though, it might scare some people away... :)

One of the best ways no one mentioned yet is... while printing photographs in a darkroom. I haven't listened to any Opeth albums in that manner, but this is where I first listened to Angel Dust's Enlighten the Darkness, and it really affected me a lot.