What is the Best Way To Listen to Music?

Well, I can tell you the WORST way to listen to music and that's while being on the computer or just reading in general, especially if what you're listening to is Morningrise; you miss out on a lot! The best way for me is while trying to fall asleep because I'm totally focused on the music, unless I start thinking about other stuff and get sidetracked.. :deb: (wtfudge is a Debbie?)
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I often fire up a couple of candles in a dark room at night and listen with a good pair of headphones. It's the ultimate experience. In the car with the volume cranked when you're by yourself on a long drive rules too.

I don't actually light candles, but otherwise concur with this statement precisely.

Actually, I will often have the lava lamp going, which I'd imagine has similar effect...
The car for me definitely. You can have it as loud as you like, you can sing along at the top of your voice, etc, without the neigbours whining like maggots.

It's the only place I can really get my teeth into my new CDs, and luckily my car came with a great 6 speaker CD system so everything sounds great too. There's nothing worse than having to listen to music on tinny, cheap old car stereos. Actually that's not entirely true. Having your testicles attatched to electrodes while being flogged with a knotted rope might just edge it...

I've just given myself a semi!

Lee B
Curled up on the couch, in the dark, a few candles lit...

Either that or headphones while travelling (i.e. in a car or bus, but without annoying the shit out of everyone else) :)

Oh yeah... on the MP3-player, while walking to the bus after school.
a) you don't hear the street preachers telling you Satan's coming to get you
b) you don't get caught up in the zombie-world of everyone else
c) you spent a whole day without music, and you're about to explode
I listen to it everywhere. I enjoy it most when I'm alone because then I can listen as loud as I want, I can sing along, and don't get those freaking "looks" that people tend to give.

Another great time for listening IS as said with another Opethians. There's almost nothing more satisfying. When I listen to Opeth alone, it's great, I know many others love it too, but in a way, unless I'm with another fan, I'm alone. I can rave about this part or that part, play air guitar, etc...but I feel they’re just so much better when you can share it with another Opeth fanatic, ya know? I'm going to go see my Opeth friend Wednesday. :D

The car is a great place (windows CLOSED to keep out the city noises) at home with the stereo...although I can’t really crank it. I’m in a duplex and the neighbor is the 90-year-old landlord. Figures...

Best way to listen is while travelling
recommended travelling listening: (with headphones of course)

Plane - Still life - nothing better than gliding past the clouds with moonlapse vertigo blasting
Train - something with a steady beat, techno, black metal
Subway- MAYH - nice and dark
Car - anything with good production and bass
Bike - BWP, especially riding through the park at night
Spaceship - Ambient shit, most likely. :)
I like listening to music befor bed with my head phones on,the other night I was stoned and I was listening to Opeth and it felt like I was becoming one with the music it was amazing.
I listen 2 it evrywhere 2 :) But i like headphones best, u can hear layers of the music and the contrsat between high and low bvetter than with speakers :) I think neway. Listening 2 music is more of an active process to me, so I can never fall asleep with music on however hard i try