What music is more convenient to you?

The bands...

  • Haggard, Anathema, Candlemass, Lacrimosa

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • 6 feet under, Death, Cannibal Copse, Malevolent creation

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Dream theater, Pain of salvation, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian

    Votes: 6 40.0%
  • Bauhaus, London after Midnight, Sisters of mercy

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Aerosmith, Thunder, Heart, Bon Jovi

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • Mayhem,Darktrone, Rotting Christ, Ancient

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • Machine Head, Fear Factory

    Votes: 3 20.0%
  • sepultura, dark angel, Tankard

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • Virgin Steele, Omen

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Hammerfall, Domine, Pegazus

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


Apr 20, 2001
Hmm just out of curiosity then!

Which category of these bands is more convenient to you?

in a few words your preferable type of metal.

Dont stay at one band that you like only!

But the whole type of music that the bands mentioned represent...

I wish i could post more options but it's only 10! anyway! :)
Hmm this is a reason that I dried to tell not a spesific band but the sound that is more convenient to you!

Almost all the bands i've mentioned I like them a lot, (besides one category i think)
Bloody hard choice... I mean the one option that would have described my tendencies best would have had contained at least Sepultura, Maiden, Blaze, Motörhead and Black Sabbath...

I left in purpose bands like Pantera, Iron maiden, Blaze, motorhead and such stuff that used to lead!

I dunno why I'd put dream theater, Mayhem or sepultura as they are rather great at their place! (and as i said I didnt want you vo select a category because of one band!)

Eddy are you the "trash" voter? :p

I'm wondering who's the BM voter anyway!

Quite expected that the category of power prog was about to lead! :rolleyes: :D
Originally posted by tcall
I can't say what I voted for... It'd get me in so much trouble as usual!!!! But my vote is there:)

Dont worry I will defend you if you say! ;)
Is it BM?