What non-damnation songs do you think theyll play?


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Jul 7, 2003
on the damnation tour? probably

To Bid You Farewell
Face of Melinda

im also hoping theyll do acoustic versions of some of the heavier ones, like an acoustic Demon of the Fall or an acoustic Deliverance
Aecliptica said:
its only damnation isnt it? no hard songs

theyre playing damnation but it isnt long enough for the whole set and they said in a recent interview theyd be doing "remixes" (i think thats what he said i know it sounds rap/popmusicish but im assuming he means acoustic versions) of some older songs and just focusing on damnation
They're playing ALL of damnation, and I'm willing to bet they'll play:

Face of Melinda
To Bid You Farewell

And Mikael mentioned in some interview that they'll probably play.......The night and the silent water! If they do that, it'll probably be a re-imagining of the song, all acoustic or something...I'd still soil my pantaloons if that happened (also, TBYF).

And if they play Dirge for November....my fucking god......... *drools*
To Bid You Farewell...

I really jsut hope that we can get an encore of something heavy like The Drapery Falls or Demon of the Fall... :)
hehe won't happen. I'm just pissed off that I'll have to watch fucking porcupine tree - hopefully they'll come on first and I can get nice and drunk and stoned for opeth lol
I reacon that the first half of the show will be all of Damnation followed by about 50 mins of older tunes.
Didn't mickael say that all the songs were never performed live before???
i reacon to bid you farewell, benighted and face of melinda will be played but not harvest.
i also think something off Orchid will be performed too.
They're definitely playing To Bid You Farewell.

I wouldn't be surprised if they also played Still Day Beneath The Sun and Patterns in the Ivy II.
ET Hydro Quebec said:
As Montreal is the first city of the tour, which i'll attend, i'll be able to give you an accurate answer on Thurday June 17.


crosses fingers for TBYF

Cool I'm going to Boston show Saturday and am dying to know the setlist before then, so I will be looking for it!
hey NEMHC whats up?

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hey NEMHC whats up?

how do you get it to stop emailing you whenever someone replies it annoys the hell outta me

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