What Opeth song gives you chills?


Jul 18, 2003
Is there anyone who gets chills when they hear a song, or a certain part of an opeth song? I know I do when I listen to Demon of the Fall/Credence. ;o)
The Moor definitely, that first non creepy acoustic passage, and then when the song kicks in....just fucking foreshadows the epicness of that whole album.
Definitly the beginning of Apostle, Godheads Lament 'What would they care...' damn, that bit was the difinitive moment that got me into Opeth! Most of Black Rose Immortal, Still day beneath the Sun, that accoustic lead up part in The Night and the Silent Water, When 'When can I take you from this place...' and To Bid you Farewell... ah, there are lots... but those have to be my favorites