What would you do with a million dollars?

Sep 1, 2001
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This seemed to be a quite simple thread. What would you guys do if you had 1 million dollars.
If i had a million dollars i would first buy the drum set of my dreams :) :) :) After that i would probably buy a couple small things here and there and i would save the rest of it for later in my life when i needed it. What would you guys do?
Set up a fat pad somewhere in NY with a view of the city that shimmers with stars and lights in the evening.

Buy a beautiful piano

The best guitar amp and guitar

The most up to date comp and ditch my celeron craperon that I have now

Purchase a state-of-the-art stereo equipment (ahh.. heaven!)

invest in my future, purchase some nice works of art

Chill out, and most of all help out relatives. I'm not so noble that i'd go bequeathing charity organizations left and right with this money. (I might hook up a good cause here and there- maybe PBS :D ) I do have a wide range of family and close-friends that would need and use the money so I'd hook them up no doubt. I like helping my blood. It's the one of the most enjoyable things.


I plan to be rich in the future anyway (doing what? it's top secret :D )
probably buy my ideal gibson 3 pickup i have been dreaming of, and take my girlfriend and i somewhere where school doesnt exist....
First I'd buy a house, and then hire Christopher Lowell to decorate it for me (you know, that gay guy on the Discovery Channel, he's damn good at decorating), and then I'd hire Opeth, Nevermore, Blind Guardian, Einherjer, and Phil Collins(even though he doesn't really fit in that list, he still kicks ass) to do a private concert for me. And if anything was left over, I'd give it to my family...

Why, are you giving away a million dollars?
i would pay off all the money i owe, get a car, a house probably somewhere else(ah i know England and play bass for Anathema:p ), get a lot of new music equipment, take all my friends bar hoping across the country:) :loco: and then just relax for a while.
Originally posted by leadfoot256
i would pay off all the money i owe, get a car, a house probably somewhere else(ah i know England and play bass for Anathema:p ), get a lot of new music equipment, take all my friends bar hoping across the country:) :loco: and then just relax for a while.

How can I foget? I'd pay the few debts that I have off and sell my ride that I have now (honda accord) and purchase a bmw or an audi replete with a Opeth cds!
This has all already been said, but oh well.

Firstly, I'd buy myself a car. Nothing flashy, just something reliable that will get me around. I don't care much about cars anyway..so long as they work.

Then I'd probably buy a new computer and stereo, waste 1,000 dollars on cds, then throw the rest in the bank to collect interest.
I'd probably buy myself some lunch.


I'd set up my own recording studio, i'd buy myself a small house somewhere, and i'd buy a few TORANA's (for you non-australians, a torana is a 1971 holden) to fix up...

and I'd buy a jackson kelly and a big marshall stack with a mesaboogie head.
I would buy my parents my home so the bank stop bitching each day....i would also make shure they retire on some of the money i won...i would make shure my beloved Maria and his family its well taking care off, and probably buy myself crap like guitars pcs etc....then at the end i wouldnt find a cure for anything that really bothers me in my personal life so i would give it all away to the people i care about....kinda like a premortem will....
Take $700,000, and invest it in a massive portfolio of various stocks, bonds, accounts, etc. around the world (and hope that I can make some decent interest, and on this alone, I'll never have to worry about money ever again).

That effectively leaves me $300,000 to play with.

give $20,000 to my parents, a few thousand to some close friends.
Pay off my car (I'll keep my Accord for now), and any debts I may have.

Buy a Mac G4, Canon XL1 Digital Video Camera, capturing deck, a film scanner, high quality printer, get copies of Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro 2 (basically set up a pretty state-of-the-art multimedia workstation/Video editing station/Recording studio/Print shop)... as well as probably a new guitar, and new home theatre system.

Move out. Purchase a fairly nice apartment somewhere.

Continue to work on my endless creative projects, now better equipped to do so, and continue life, working, etc., never again having to feel pressure to make excessive amounts of money or worry about being financailly stable. Make occaisional small donations to charities (a few hundred dollars here and there), and every once in awhile leave a particularly nice/cool waiter or waitresses a 1000% tip.

Oh, and perhaps take $10,000 and spend a few months in europe (Hey, Orchid? Hearse? I'm coming to visit!). Pay expenses to fly Lina and Duvall into Toronto to meet up with Satori and hang out with those guys for a week or two...

Now... if I had TEN Million dollars...
I would invest it in a house :)
let's say that a good house costs 200k $

Then I'd rebuild one of the bigger rooms in that
house into a studio (big enough to stuff the whole
band into, so it could be used as rehearsal chamber).

I'd also get a good amp for my guitar and a
neat drumset(maybe Tama) :)

and a car :)

all of that would cost me perhaps 500k $
(yes, that would mean a hellofa studio)
and leave me with 500k$ to invest in boring
stuff like stocks and stuff =)
I would buy a house somewhere in Sweden (preferably on a mountain or hill near some town or in a suburb... )
also spend a lot of money travelling
and buy extra many books and vinyls :D
buy a house, buy a really fast computer, and then calculate the amount needed to pay for electricity, water, food, phone, cable, etc, for 60 or so year and set that aside. probably in the bank actually. then i'd buy some necessities such as a bitching stereo/tv/vcr/dvd system.

with what's left, i'd safely invest (nothing risky) and spend the dividends on whatever the hell i want, and hopefully never have to work or worry.
I would hire a crew to rob a bank, and hopefully they would steal more than a million dollars and not keep all the money for themselves. :D
What I'd Really Like To Do:
I would do what I can't which would be travel and support my favorite band. Pay to better their traveling and hook them up at nice places when on the road.

A Close Runner Up:
I could also figure out a way to buy an island somewhere. I have no idea if that'd be possible, but there are some small islands in the world! Yeah, man!! Buy and island and get a kick ass yacht and live out there and stop at exotic docks and tour! Of course this type of bogus display of wealth would cause some vagabonds to try and take it away from me so I'd have to have so major classes in self defense and have a small arsenal on my possession at all times. :p