What would you do with a million dollars?

I'd be doing _exactly_ what I'm doing now, only on a bigger budget! =)

That is to say, eat, sleep, meet people, mess with music, wallow in infornography from the net the tv and what not... I guess that's about it. Hohoo.
I don't think you can buy and maintain a yacht for $1 million, let alone a yacht and an island, sorry to burst your bubble :eek:

Let's see... with $1mil, I would... Buy a $30,000 car, a lot of CD's, and a new computer, and some pharmaceuticals :lol:

Then I'd go to college and not make my parents pay for it. The rest i'd put in various stocks that will hopefully double or more (if the market doesn't crash *crosses fingers*) by the time i'm thirty or so, then I could quit my job and be a slacker for the rest of my life.

Damnit! Now I want a million dollars :mad:
I would talk to my family about ways to triple the money, then distribute it evenly among them. And for me, i'd never have a job agian :)
I'd bribe someone to give me $1billion for my $1million, then move out of this bad country with a few friends, and into a castle in the Carpathian mountains. Yay.

Also buy: Warwick Bass Streamer II Stage Guitar w/ Black Label Warwick Strings & Glen Diani's (One Minute Silence; awesome bassist) signature. A good marshall amp, rocktron effects unit, Fender Stratocaster 71 (I think), a pond full of speakers, a Lambourghini Diablo SV (I have no idea why), a lot of gothic sculptures, medieval weapons and artefacts. A room full of awesome computers filled with good multiplayer games, and each has its own T3 or Fiber-optics connection. Yay.

Maybe more.. oh yeah..
I'll invest in about $50million worth of strippers.

Oh, and ALSO start a Record Label (Deathhand, Inc.) and devote its FULL resources to promoting and supporting THALES, because they rule. Maybe even my own band, Syndrome [X], and a personal project, Stained Glass Demon.
I would need more than one million dollars...

But if I had MORE than one mill I'd build a
HUGE gothic castle, and furniture it in the way that
castles used to look like back in the days...
I would need the best surround system for my
"dancehall"; where I would play all my favourite music!
Dresscode; Big gothic oldfashioned dresses for the girls,
and top hats+old stylish suits for the men >:eek:)
Ooooooh, what a dream! >:eek:) I would need some
ghosts to haunt my castle as well....
Do you know a place where I could buy some? >:eek:P

Well, skipping this biggest dream of mine....
with a million dollars I'd buy my boyfriend the car
that he wants, I'd get my father a nice house, and a
house for my grandparents. Then I'd get a house for
myself as well, and have a recordingstudio in it :eek:)
I need more money again... Ooopsi... >:eek:P
Uhm...forgot the reason why I want this huge castle;
It would be a place where all us musicfanatics could
gather up and have parties!
Headbang, drink, eat, dance, listen, talk etc...

You are all invited!
yeah! i had EXACTLY the same idea with the castle. from the outside as 'castle' as it can get, on the inside all wired up and filled with P.A. and a large studio. party area in the yard. a huge park. aaaah
1. A loaf of bread
2. A carton of milk
3. A packet of biscuits, possibly Tim Tams
4. Some tissues
5. A tomato
6. A set of guitar strings
7. Some lawn seed
8. Some nice dirt for my lawn seed to grow in
9. A bucket for my dirt to go in
10. A watering can
11. An apple
12. Another apple, i like apples
13. A recording studio
14. ummm thats about all i really want.....
15. ok ok, ill get a better computer too
16. and i guess ill need a house for that recording studio

alright. im about 20% of the way there... i think... ill..... stop...

hm, has anyone seen my brain? i seem to have misplaced it... its small and pink and it says "Hello, will you be my friend?" if u squeeze it.
No. That'd pretty much be one of the best things you could do, Hearse!

I don't think you can buy and maintain a yacht for $1 million, let alone a yacht and an island, sorry... -Oyo

:lol: :p Yeah, that makes plenty of sense. I didn't take the question seriously. OK. How about this.

First, slip some cash to my few loved ones left in this world.
Second, move to Europe and find Opeth and actually MEET them this time.
Third, never work again and live life how I WANT. No alarm clocks, no bosses, no dealing with phony faces and never feel like I wasted another day at a job in my life.

"When I lose myself, I would tell the world."