Whats everyone listening to?

Hey Lord Tim!
Something strange happened to me as I was walking to uni this morning. I was walking through this arcade place in the mall in town and there was a song playing with a guy singing `Slaaaaave to love.'
Someone stole your song!
Ah, that was proabably that Brian Ferry guy doing "Slave TO Love" (not Slave OF Love)... I had words to him about that and he's planning to change it so he doesn't step on my toes anymore... Just as well... :heh: HAHAHAHAHAHA!
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Right now I'm listening to Anathema (Judgement) - great album...I only just got it the other day.

GREAT album! "One Last Goodbye" is brilliant - "In my dreams I can see you, I can tell you how I feel, in my dreams I can hold you, and it feels so reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaal..." *sniff*

I was just in the Northern Territory for two weeks, and I took the following CDs with me:

Pearl Jam - Ten
King's X - Dogman
Glenn Hughes - Burning Japan Live
Skid Row - 40 Seasons
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Enchant - Juggling 9 or Dropping 10
INXS - Greatest Hits
I Mother Earth - Scenery & Fish
Midnight Oil - Blue Sky Mining
Black Crowes - Greatest Hits
Fear Factory - Obsolete
DC Cooper - DC Cooper
In Flames - Colony
Children of Bodom - Hatebreeder
Aerosmith - Pump
Van Halen - Best Of
Aerosmith - Pump
Jerry Cantrell - Boggy Depot
Fates Warning - Parallels
Hoodoo Gurus - Bite the Bullet Live
Galactic Cowboys - At the End of the Day
Cold Chisel - best of
Hunters & Collectors - Under One Roof
The Screaming Jets - Hits and Pieces
Kiss - Unplugged

I listened to bits of all of them except Glenn Hughes, Children of Bodom, Van Halen and Hoodoo Gurus. I also bought the Warumpi Band's "Too Much Humbug" at Uluru, which is pretty good - better than I was expecting, actually.
Spiff - I have Boggy Depot too but whenever I listen to it I never seem to get past the 5th or 6th song. It sounds pretty good though.

NP The Pixies - Debaser
Originally posted by Kem
Spiff - I have Boggy Depot too but whenever I listen to it I never seem to get past the 5th or 6th song. It sounds pretty good though.

I can't really sit down and listen to every track anymore, but if I play it in the background it's a great album. I especially like "Devil By His Side", "Settling Down" and one of my all-time favourites, "Hurt A Long Time".
also to add to my current playlist

Diamond head - Am I Evil?
Dark Order - 5000 years of violence
Anthrax - Spreading the disease
Anthrax - Fistful of metal/Armed and Dangerous
Sepultura - Hatred (Roots era...well just b4 the album came out)
After my overseas trip to Canada I came back with the following CDs, all purchased way below Australian prices!

Iced Earth - Horror Show - not bad but taking me a while to get into it
Static X - Machine - I love these guys, techno metal/death disco rocks!
Staind - Break The Cycle - A couple of radio friendly ballads and some serious carnage
Judas Priest - Defenders of the Faith - A classic
Drowning Pool - Sinner - One of the new acts on this year's Ozzfest, pretty cool nu metal
Downer - Downer - haven't listened to this too much yet but sounds cool, more nu metal
Tool - Lateralus - I LOVE THIS ALBUM - Dark, moody, just plain fucking brilliant
Professional Murder Music - Goth tinged nu metal, interesting
Primus - Antipop & Pork Soda - Mr Weidness himself Les Claypool slapping and popping like the demented freak he is, mighty fine bass work!
AC/DC - Back In Black - Haven't listened to this in years but it's a classic, for $10 why the hell not?
Fear Factory - Digimortal - Took a while to like this, but now I'm really into it. Much hookier and simpler than their past efforts.
The Cult - Beyond Good and Evil - A fine return to form for Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy after five years. A good solid album with some great tracks. Astbury's voice is superb. One of the most underrated bands ever IMO.
Godsmack - More nu metal, not hugely original but I like it anyway.
Prong - Cleansing - Brutal!
Kylie Minogue's first album - just love the wicked solos and soaring vocals

Jason Donovan - I Fuck Dogs Cos I Like It - perfect music for passing out on US nightclub floors to

Bros - We Fuck Each Other Cos We Like It - great music for having sex with your brother to

Pseudo Echo - Love An Adventure - just so one day maybe I can be in a band like Dungeon :)
The Pixies, Kem? Have you lost your mind?!

My low opinion of Mr Black and pals aside, here's my list:

Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation (makes a lot more sense once you've read the comic that goes with it)

Black Sabbath: The Eternal Idol (brilliant!) and Dehumaniser (didn't like this one much to start with, but I'm enjoying it now)

Bruce Dickinson: Accident of Birth and The Chemical Wedding (wow-wow-wowie-wow-wow!!)

Iced Earth: Horror Show (their best without a doubt)

Bruce Kulick: Audiodog (Vai type guitar instrumentals meets good time 70s rock. Sent to me by the man himself :) )

I am *still* waiting for-

Black Sabbath: The Ozzy Osbourne Years & Cross Purposes
Demons and Wizards
Iced Earth: Burnt Offerings
Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime & Greatest Hits
WASP: First Blood, Last Cuts

Why does everything I order take so long to arrive? It's driving me mad, MAD I tell you...

I don't know The Pixies. I know the Dixie Dregs, but haven't actually heard any of their stuff apart from the cover of (I think) Cruise Control that Dream Theater did on A Change of Seasons.
In The Woods - Three times seven
Sigh - Imaginary Sonicscape
Borknagar - Quintessance
Opeth - MAYH
Einherjer - Norwegian Native Art

That was todays listening anyway.
The following have been on heavy rotation:

Queensryche -- Operation: Mindcrime
Iced Earth -- The Melancholy EP
Megadeth -- So Far, So Good, So What
Black Sabbath -- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath -- Volume 4

NP: Black Sabbath -- Under the Sun
Currently listening to Fates Warning - "Inside Out"

I've been buying their CDs since about 1996, and I think I'm finally starting to really like them! Ray Alder's voice still annoys me most of the time, though.
Right now I'm listening to a band called Iron Maiden. Some of you may have heard of them at some stage. The album in question is Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, and it rocks. Check em out if you haven't already.