Whats everyone listening to?

Right now I'm listening to the cricket commentary, and am not too happy because England are getting their arses kicked.
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I can't understand why everyone has ignored your post Winmar. I had quite a giggle about it. :)

Thanks, at least someone did. :)

Hehe and Tim, what about if I get one of those keyboard-guitar thingemebobs like David Hirschfelder used to use in John Farnham's band?! :D
I actually owned 3!!!

I had a Yamaha KX-5 like the guy from Icehouse used (and Farnham), a Korg RK-100 like Pseudo Echo used (which sucked but looked really cool! HAHA!) and a Casio AZ-1 like Stacey Q used! Flimsy as shit but looked cool and had lots of nice stuff on it! :)

So if you get one, you're in! You can join the legions of Dung(eon) too! HAHAHAHAHA!