Why the fuck can´t I listen to some great music at work???

I remember when I worked for Jet Support/Volvo Aeroservices we had like, 3 radios going in the shipping area and each one would be something different. One would have KUBE 93 for the rap fans, one would have KISS 106 for the softies and the third would have KISW for us rockers. It was a big fucking mess. Then when I worked for Northwest Distribution as a forklift driver, I'd record shit onto mini-disc and jam out to the tunes on the shit which isn't exactly safe when you're on a forklift :lol: but what the shit, I worked better like that.

NP: Dream Theater - Lifting Shadows of a Dream
*muhaha* really funny! :)
but it must be very shitty, when you have to listen to three different kinds of music at the same time...
EagleFlyFree said:
that doesn't work, you still need a soundcard with one of those little cables plugged back into the cd drive (like the analog audio cable)

Oh, ok. If you're 100% sure, I trust your word. Haven't really tried it myself..