Will he?

Why what's the problem? I don't want to talk only about OPETH, and since I'm crazy about soccer and pussy, I have initiated new threads. Feel free to participate.
Oh dear.
Well, this is all very unfortunate.

The moderator of this forum, I seem to recall, is "Opeth.com" who, to my knowledge, has never posted here, and we don't know how closely they're watching. What degree of power does Mark withhold in cases like this?

The "I'm proving my stubborn point" spamming is apparent. Wolff, dude, we get your point - this is only gonna serve to piss (more) people off. My humble advice is to calm down.
Then let's get the umpire out here to kick some ass. It'll take a while for these threads to filter down off my screen so I can see the ones I care about (or even A ONE that I care about :p )
Some people have problems in their life, and like children feel they have to lash out at anyone they deem an authority figure, any person they feel is worthy of their senseless behavior and misery, towards anyone who has threatened their fragile egos.

That's pathetic, but I'm not sure that I pity it in all cases. For some people, a good punch in the eye ,rather than a hug, i.e., a nice, bona fide, unhostile, unemotional wallop across the face, would be an apt prescription.