Your thoughts on Killswitch Engage

Utuk Xul

Demon Spawn
Feb 13, 2002
The 9th level of Hell
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I avoided this for some time because to me the name = nu-metal crap. I picked up the album after listening to some samples. The album kicks. There are *some* Nu-isms but they are few and far in between. Who here has heard them and what are your thoughts?
They're not bad..but not all that original's like taking new In Flames and giving it a bit more balls and then adding some well done clean singing in there...all in all definitely not shitty by any means..but not for any lover of true black, death, or melodic death fan..
I've gotta say, they really do kick ass. I was extremely prejudiced against them because of the nu metal name, and the fact that they're on Roadrunner, but when I finally heard the CD, it kicked my ass. Maybe pop metal is headed in the right direction somewhat.