$50 D.I.Y. Reamp box

Try pulling out the input cable halfway from the jack(if you're using 1/4th that is). Worked for me.
i'm using Reaper 3.141 PPC release

tomorrow i'll buy a pair of stereo jacks and i'll do the wires ;)

NOT stereo (in this situation)

Stereo = 2 channels

TRS = Tip Ring Sleeve = Balanced

Your fireface has balanced TRS outputs, not stereo outputs.

A reamp box should have a balanced input, definitely not a stereo input and an unbalanced output.

Try to use the right terminology, it helps everyone.
oh, sorry, you are rght, by the way, stereo cable and balanced cable has the same connections both are TRS but, yes I've got the balanced wire right now i'm going to solder them and test again ;)

and llanafreak44 If i disconnect the jack a half you'll be only inverting the phase of guitar output, because you make signal join through the cold (Ring) connection and the amount of gain will be the same.

ok i checked with the balanced cable... and it sounds exactly as before, so the problem is not with reamp...

I used this schematic, maybe using a bigger R1 i'll get more gain, something like 500ohm. And anything else, using impedance I don't have noticed any audible difference, so i let it 50% that must be 25k

inside the monster

I'd try it without the volume pots, just skip them for now. I don't see why you'd need two anyway. Also I don't think are wired in right.
Try to go Balanced jack -> transformer -> unbalanced jack.
If that works but is way too loud, add a trim inline with the output jack.
*Diafebus' Picture*


Your box looks a lot different than mine

what do you mean?
I've used the schematic that i've posted before the pics, but i think that i don't have to use "+" and "-" from secondary(output) I think that I should use "+" and "ground", i'll try this way and i'll check tomorrow.
llanafreak can you post some pictures of your reamp please? i tried to change what is said about grounding into center tap instead of negative pole of transformer in secondary and the result is exactly the same, and changing input using Gnd (center tap) and ( + ) i get little more gain, but the sound is not the same yet, it keeps loosing a bit of gain and treble.
more samples
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1416648/REAMPED/SLO-Reamped.wav REAMPED
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1416648/REAMPED/SLO-selfplaying.wav PLAYED there
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1416648/REAMPED/SLO-Reamped-selfplaying.wav Both Left reamp - Right played live

maybe is the playing of reamplification that changes sound character, cuz is not played exactly, in reamplification i played softer.... but there is not enough gain controllable... what can i do to get more output?

in this last reamplification i used positive pole of transformer and central tap/ground in primary and in secondary... IMO sounds better.
but... the question is how to get more gain?
ok i think that i'm having the same problem as you i have to invert secondary and primary :s
then it will be inverse from schematic... but.. well, i'll try
in the pics of page 2 Wolfeman said to you to connect the pot in pin 1 and 4 instead of 5 and 8 so i'll try too...
hey.. low gain problem solved, I HAD THE FUCKING SOUND CARD IN LOW GAIN MODE (-10dBV) and it MUST be in +4dBu or in HI Gain mode.... so now i've got all amount of gain that i need ;)
but last doubt, llanafreak how has you got solded the wires from pin 1 and 4? and 5 and 8? I'll resolder as before and see again if it works properly.

thank you guys... the stupid problem of gain made me crazy JAJAJa... we are all human...
Bump because I can't find the parts now. I went to the site and looked for the part#'s and they don't exist. lol. So maybe in plain english could someone tell me what I need? I am going to get a friend to help me wire it.
Bump because I can't find the parts now. I went to the site and looked for the part#'s and they don't exist. lol. So maybe in plain english could someone tell me what I need? I am going to get a friend to help me wire it.

Just order based on the schematic values. It's just a transformer, a resistor, 2 potentiometers and 2 jacks. If you can't look at the schematic and order the correct parts, maybe you should look into it a bit more before attempting it...
I built the NYDave reamp last summer, but it never worked well. The amount of gain that got to the amp was so minimal it was ridiculous. And the tone was utterly piercing no matter what.

I think maybe my Edcor transformer was defective or something. I followed the schematic and double-checked it about a million times along with others. I wound up buying a Little Labs Red Eye.
haha great. Now to just shell out 250 dollars...

I really need a reamping device and was set on piecing this together, but maybe I should rethink it. At least I know before I pay 40 dollars and then have to buy a real one. lol