finished my re-amp box!!


beat defective
Sep 12, 2008
howdy guys!

i bought the stuff to make this ages ago, and done a little bit of work before, but today i decided i'd start again.

took a few hours, and a few false starts (strip board can be really annoying..!), and design changes (unless line level for the people at recording mag is 50v RMS, this has WAY too much attenuation..) but.. i have a working re-amp box!!

not really had a chance to do any testing, but i was monitoring through the daw, then back out to my amp (an old blue voodoo), with minimal noise and hum!

this is just a prototype, i'm gonna build another one, given that the parts cost around £10. hopefully it'll be a lot neater.

i think a lot of the problems i encountered in this build, were from trying to make it really small - it's a pretty thin strip board!

i'll have some recordings from it soon.. keep an eye out in rate my poo!


finished product (hah) on my amp


close up


you can see how ghetto this is..!

all in all, i'm quite happy with it. the rebuild will be much neater. my excuse is the iron was really oxidized, and the solder wasn't taking to it..!
Hahahaha, calling it a "box" seems to be a bit of a misnomer :lol: But hey, if it works and was cheap, then bravo!
aha, it was good fun!

i used to be really into electronics, this has certainly wetted my appetite for more! we'll see what happens..

and it's just all about not giving up! it's not too easy, but it's not too hard either!

and yea, "reamp board" sounded even more ambiguous, i thought.. lol

haha, you'll need to wait until next week, i don't have the money to buy the parts..! (that's how poor i am :| )