May 6, 2001
I was wondering about this band. As far as I've heard, this is dark and heavy neo-prog with some gothic moments. Is this true? Can anyone give me any info and recommendations for these guys. My tastes revolve around progressive rock/progressive metal. My favourite bands are Yes, Dream Theater, Magellan, Opeth, and Genesis.
Mark said:
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What you have heard is basically true. Anekdoten give a mordern spin to early 70s progressive rock with a big emphasis on King Crimson especially. I havent picked up too much on the "gothic" thing you speak off, but perhaps there just not sure what that would be. I have all their albums, and love them a lot...and judging by your will you...and youre my new best friend. And i wont hold the Dream Theater thing against you. jk :p
Their earlier stuff sounds more like King Crimson's noisier moments. GRAVITY is my favorite album of theirs, and it's their sounds less like King Crimson, but there's still a definite influence. I'd compare it to some kind of combo of King Crimson and later Anathema, but some of their songs don't sound anything like either...there's some DOORS-ISH keyboard on a few tracks too (like Ricochet, which is also probably my favorite song of theirs, besides maybe WHAT SHOULD BUT DID NOT DIE).