Annihilation of the Wicked


Here comes the apple, zed
Oct 13, 2005
Vancouver Island.
Amazing album. Super fast death metal. It just made my jaw drop when I first heard this one. I havent been a very big fan of Nile for a very long time, but I heard a sample of Lashed to the Slave Stick on their website and I just about shat. I think the first track by Nile that I ever listened to was Unas, Slayer of the Gods, I loved the song, but never really thought much of the band at the time. Now, after listening to Cast Down the Heretic and Lashed to the Slave Stick, I cant get enough of those brutally fast riffs. I reallize this isnt really Opeth related, but I wanted to know if there are any other Nile fans on here, and if so maybe get their thoughts on the album.

(should also mention, this one is on Mikes playlist :) )
Nile is good shit. I have liked them for a while. I bought Black Seeds of Vengance when it came out and I have been a fan since. I also saw them live several years ago when Arch Enemy was their support. Annihilation of the Wicked is my favorite album of theirs. I too was impressed when I first heard it. They get my seal of approval. I can understand how some Opeth fans might not appreciate it, but it's worth a listen to anyone here.
I got all thier albums on cd, and some on Vinyl. Awesome stuff all of it. If you get chance, check out Karl Sanders's solo album.
Nile fucking crush. Been a fan for a while now. I really get into the epic lyrics and the playing mirrors them well. The burning pits of the duat at 2:01 is fucking sick,:OMG: not to mention every song off Annihilation! Opeth and Nile are probably my top two at the moment
isn't it amazing how they can create this ancient egyptian atmosphere by using these standard modern instruments ....
this band proves that there is so much possible in extreme metal!
It purely the egyptian element of Nile refined. Although thier is a little guitar work in thier.
I only have Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka and wasn't terribly impressed. Should I still check this one out?
I've only heard In Their Darkened Shrines, and while I digged the title tracks, the rest failed to impress me. I don't really care for brutal death though, so naturally Nile isn't my thing exactly.

Quo Vadis on the other hand, boy, what a band :D
Nile are fucking awesome. The only cd I don't have is Black Seeds of Vengeance...I enjoy In their Darkened Shrines the most but Annhilation of the Wicked are Amogst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka are awesome too.
I love Nile, saw them live the day before I saw Opeth this year, it was during the Harvest Tour thingy with Behemoth etc.

It is a great album, my favourite is still In Their... but they all kick ass. The drumming is always a feature and always impressive, but I hadn't realised fully until I saw them live how much the bass playing kicks ass. All 3 of the guitar players (including bass, lol) do vocals so Nile is a truly amazing band I'd say.
"Unas slayer of the gods" is a mindblasting piece of Death Metal. When I first listened to "castdown the heretic" I was like "My god, is this a drum computer"? But I had to face the truth...;) The guitar solo in "Castdown" is amazing!
I had Black Seeds Of Vengeance for ages and only listened to the title track and Khetti Satha Shemsu, which I love, but then I got the new album, loved it and now like all the songs on BSOV too. They definatly took a while to grow on me, even though I always saw their potential I never gave them a chance, and the new album proved I was so wrong to not give them a chance!
Black Session said:
isn't it amazing how they can create this ancient egyptian atmosphere by using these standard modern instruments ....
this band proves that there is so much possible in extreme metal!

Excellent observation !