Annihilation of the Wicked

Nile have the odd good song but i can't say i'm much of a fan of theirs. Winds Of Horus is my favourite track of theirs, but i'd never actually buy any of their albums.
I never got into Nile before I heard AOTW this year. I also purchased In Their Darkened Shrines and Ienjoy that album as well. I don't think they went downhilla t all with the new members, seeing as thought AOTW is one hellof an album. I dig Nile over Origin any day. Origin is impressive to listen to, but yes, monotonous music gets old. Atleast the cd is only about 1/2 hour long. Perfect legth to get a blast of dm from Origin. Nile on the other hand I could listen to for hours on end. Theri riffs are mad, their drummer is insane, and their vocals is awesome! I like Niles music because it's technical but yet it's not. It's not technical to the point that it gets broing and old, it actually has some sort of meloidy to it that makes the riffs stand out. Man I love Annihilation Of The Wicked!!!!
I think alot of people here got more into Nile due to Mike mentioning them, but aside from that...annhilation musicially is the best yet. I hated this band for YEARS, were so damn overrated...if it weren't for the egyptian parts, this boring monstrous snare attack wouldn't have any praise. But for the first time, they're worth of praise...even better live with new stuff.
Hey guys... AOTW is fuckin killer... what is the next Nile album I should buy? I've heard from some that some of the others are not worth buying, and that the newest one is by far the best...

furthermore, I'm not the type of person who is predisposed to this insanely brutal brand of metal... but AOTW is genius, undeniably... are the other albums the same... is there stuff like songs 7 & 8 on their other albums??? Are the other albums as trippy and epic at parts?

These albums are EXTREMELY expensive at my music store... and i dont want to dish our like 35 bucks only to be disappointed...
all the albums from Nile are amazing! ... but it's only on this album that the production is as it should be. not that the others suck because of production, but there are some things on there that make it sound less impressive (especially the keyboards/samples). but I'd still recommend every album of theirs to anyone who likes DM.

ps: check out Aborted and In-Quest ... also great DM bands!
I heard about Nile for ages and never got around to getting hold of any until last month (amusingly after i got back from Egypt). I got AOTW and it quite simply blew me away. The guitars sound like a swarm of locusts somehow!!!

Really great stuff, I checked out some of their other stuff and it didn't grab me like this album (but perhaps that is because i heard it on a really poor sound system - which really makes a great deal of difference especially with this genre).

The drumming is insane and so much more than the standard blastbeat fare. Kolias is something else, i posted a thead ages ago with a link to his webiste and there was footage of him double bassing like a bastard......
i got into Nile (and death metal for that matter) when i saw them in May. pretty kick ass band, i'm sure Annihilation of the Wicked is in my cd case somewhere . . .
Who cares how you found out about them the thing that matters is that you found out about them and thats all that matters.