annihilation of the wicked, underrated?

As much as I like AotW, I'd say In Their Darkened Shrines is better. More of those 'Egyptian elements,' which I like. For the topic on hand, it's not underrated. Some people on here just don't like Nile, I guess.
I don't know if people here consider it underrated or not :shrugs shoulders:

but I know that it is an excellent fucking album; the intro to the song annihilation of the wicked beats the fucking shit out of anything. :worship: :headbang: :kickass: :kickass: :kickass:
Am i the only one that thinks the mix is actually ok just the way it is? I can hear the drums and the guitar and imo the vocals are the quietest part but that's fine as i'm not a huge fan of the vocals anyway.

Also if the drums were quieter that's a good thing so many brutal bands are ruined by overtly loud drums.
I personally found that Annihilation of the Wicked to have the best production out of any of their albums while Black Seeds of Vengence suffers from the worst production. All in all it is just another Nile album but it wasn't terrible.
I personally like In Their Darkened Shrines best, but I feel that's in part due to Black Seeds of Vengeance having a bit poorer production.